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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Another Snow Day!

When we had a snow day in December the kids were sick & didn't even get to go play in it before it rained (later the same afternoon). This time (2/9) they were ready for some fun!

I know this is sad, but this was the first time my kids ever built a snowman! When we were in WA 2 Christmases ago the snow was too wet for snowmen, so they have been wishing & hoping for snow to build a snowman in! Here he is! (quite small since the snow wasn't that thick when we built him & was pulling up dirt).

Jack was almost in tears by the time we came in because he was so cold! We don't have snow pants or good snow gloves because it only snows good maybe once a year here (usually). So we had to make due & the poor boy was freezing! Callie was having too much fun to worry about a little thing like freezing. Thank goodness for delicious hot cocoa!

Jeremiah, Jonny & my bros. Kenny & Stuart all came home early from work so they could go 4-wheeling in the snow. They had a great time - well except for Stuart I think who got lost & almost froze to death! :)

L-R: Kenny, Jonny, Jeremiah, Stuart

The snow lasted for days this time but my kids were very upset with Uncle Jonny because when he pulled the Rhino & the King Quad into the backyard to park under the patio that evening he couldn't just park them, he had to do donuts & race all around the backyard, ruining all the snow for the kids. All that was left was muddy tire tracks & small patches of snow. Callie was mad at him about it the entire next afternoon because at preschool kids had talked about snow angels & she really wanted to make one when she got home but of course she couldn't. I think Jonny's been sufficiently reprimanded!

1 talk to me:

Janelle said...

It snows in Arizona? :) Your snowman looks taller than mine and I live in Logan, we don't have good snowman snow here, too bad I don't ski and then I wouldn't complain.