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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tana's baby shower

I really didn't think about throwing a surprise shower until about a week before Tana came to Kingman for a visit, so I'm so glad that most everybody that I called was able to make it to Tana's shower! We'd decided to get together for lunch so I told her Chili's at 1 on Friday. She was completely surprised when she walked in expecting to just see me & the kids & instead saw a whole group of friends & family. It was so fun for me to do this shower for Tana. It was her first boy & plus she's one of my best friends!

The only con about doing a shower at a place like Chili's (and when I say like Chili's I mean any place w/out a party room) is that it's very difficult to converse with more than just the people right around you. But a huge pro is that there's not a lot of decorating to do. Oh, & no prep cleaning or post clean-up. And it's not necessary to do games (although I like them but if you've thrown a shower you know it's obviously easier to not have them). So there were balloons (a must for a casual restaurant shower!), a couple centerpieces, & cupcakes! Wallah! It's a shower!

As a side note I've really had a change of heart about baby showers. I remember thinking one time (years ago) when I heard a co-worker talking about her upcoming shower for her 2nd daughter how stupid that was & why was she getting another shower. But like I said I've had a change of heart. Jeremiah's mom told me once that in their old ward every baby got a shower and every mom was made to feel special. And I just love that because babies are special & plus it's also a lot of work for the moms so I think they need a big high-5 in the form of a party with presents! :) I think mom's & their babies should be celebrated whether it's their first or fifth child (and so on)! And even if it's your second girl or second boy & you might not need any new clothes or anything, it's still fun. Besides, we women all update our wardrobes, right? Why wouldn't we want to update our kids' wardrobes too if we can? And diapers don't grow on trees. And what about baby shampoo & baby tylenol & all those kinds of things? Okay, I'll step off my soapbox. But really, if you're from the old school of thought on baby showers I truly think you should reconsider. I'm done now.

Jack & Kiera tickling each other.

Ellie enjoying spinach artichoke dip. She loved it. Hand & fisting it!

Tana & me.

The cupcakes & centerpieces to match her PBK Oscar bedding. I have to admit, I love how they turned out!

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Chelsea said...

just showed this to a friend and wanted to say that picture of you and tana is the BEST picture I've seen of you in a long time! You're sooo pretty in it!