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Monday, July 02, 2007

weekend excursions

Jeremiah went squid fishing in CA on Thursday night w/his brothers Justin & Jason. He said it was an awesome sight - thousands upon thousands of squid all around the boat & ink everywhere. They caught so many that before the excursion was over they just quit trying!

Since he wasn't coming home till Saturday afternoon, I went with my mom & dad to Williams, AZ on Friday night. They needed to pick up my brother Stuart from EFY in Flagstaff Saturday morning & my dad had stayed in this quaint little place in Williams before so we thought it'd be fun to just stop there for the night (about 30 mins from Flag). It was a beautiful evening & we had a great time with the kids taking a walk around downtown Williams. We stopped in this junky little rock shop where Callie found a couple 50 cent dinosaurs. Grandpa said he'd get them so she walked right up to the counter & set them on it. It was pretty cute. Then again, should I be surprised? She's been trained by a pro shopper! :) When my dad finished paying he said something about rocks & dinosaurs. Apparently she'd found a couple little polished rocks that I didn't know about. Probably had we not bought the dinosaurs she would have walked right out the store with the rocks in her hand. Now I have to be responsible for these 2 little rocks that were 25 cents each! We walked by some restaurants & a couple of them had live music. We settled on a diner where we got the hugest slices of pie I've ever encountered! It was fun but it was seriously ridiculous how big these servings were. We all took half our pieces home. The next day we went into Flagstaff & did a little shopping. It was a fun little excursion.

Jeremiah & I saw Ratatouille on Saturday night & it was such a cute movie! I highly recommend seeing it! I think I'm going to get a babysitter this week & take Callie. I doubt she'd last through the whole thing since it's 2 hours long, but I think she'd enjoy it anyway.

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The Mikkelsen Family said...

We saw that movie today. It was cute! It was Emily's first movie and she did pretty good.