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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hide & Go Shriek

Callie saw Dora playing hide & go seek so she wanted to play too. I told her how it works & then said I'd count first & she could hide. She was so excited about getting safely back to "base" (the famous black ottoman) that she ran shrieking to the base as I was saying 9, 10. I didn't even get a chance to say "ready or not!" So I tried to explain it some more & she did better most of the time. Then she tried hiding in the corner by our front door where she was in plain sight. But of course since she couldn't see me (with her face smashed into the corner & her hands over her eyes), she thought it was a pretty good hiding spot. When I had tagged her & it was my turn to hide she only gave me till the count of 3 to hide. When I complained she graciously went to 6 & sometimes 8. For some reason she just didn't want to give me till 10! And if she couldn't find me after like 45 seconds she'd get this panicked tone to her voice & start calling for me. All in all it was a super great game of hide & go seek- lots of shrieking & laughter. We'll definitely have to play it more!

Callie's super excited about her birthday that's this Sunday! She's been telling people for months now that her birthday's in July or that her birthday's on July 1st, and that she's going to be 3 on her birthday. As much as she loves Dora and even the Princesses, she wants a Hello Kitty cake! Where this love of Hello Kitty came from, I don't know. She saw a box of HK fruit snacks one day in the store & no kidding, stood holding the HK box & a Princess box for 5 minutes trying to decide which one she really wanted. Why was I patient for 5 minutes while she was making a decision? I was probably right next to her taking 5 minutes to decide which box of granola bars to get! I'm a TERRIBLE decision maker & it looks like my daughter has inherited my amazing sense of choice! Anyway, in the end it was Hello Kitty & she's loved the little gal ever since! When we ask her what she wants for her birthday she says a Hello Kitty cake. Although sometimes she mixes things up & tells us she wants HK napkins. Yes, my child wants napkins for her birthday. But who wouldn't if they could be Hello Kitty napkins? Well I think the birthday fairy just might grant her birthday wishes!

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