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Monday, June 11, 2007

I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice cream!

Sometimes it's awesome being in the trash business! The other day my mom took a truck & trailer to go to the site of a wrecked semi-truck that had been hauling ice cream. Not only did she come back filled to the gills, so did another couple of our roll-off trucks. And this wasn't just any ice cream- it was really good stuff! TONS of Häagen-Dazs - cases of pints plus the huge gallon containers meant for ice cream shops, and also Häagen-Dazs bars. Tons of Drumsticks & Push-Ups. Plus another brand or 2 of bars & treats that I wasn't familiar with. We called at least half the ward & told everyone to call everyone else. The first roll-off truck got back to the yard along with my mom & her load & it was a madhouse with everything gone in about 20 minutes! When the 2nd roll-off got to the yard later that afternoon most people had already heard about it & come in the morning so even though we called everyone we could think of there was still hundreds of dollars worth of premium ice cream that ended up being thrown away! What a tragedy! When Jeremiah asked what was for dinner that night I told him ice cream & I wasn't kidding! Only because I'd had 2 wisdom teeth pulled earlier that afternoon and still had gauze in my mouth so I hadn't yet been able to have any of the ice cream and I was feeling really sorry for myself! (Besides, having your wisdom teeth pulled I think definitely earns you a free day when you've been cutting out nearly all treats!) My children were in heaven! They would open up a drumstick, eat part of it, open up a Push-Up, have part of that, then have another Drumstick! They were both a sticky-sweet mess!!!

I was worried that they were going to be puking up ice cream any time! Jack did wake up after he'd been in bed for a couple hours that night with a stomach ache! We ended up having pizza for dinner, but I was in Häagen-Dazs heaven once the kids were in bed! I tried some of everything we had at our house until I thought I was going to go into an ice cream-induced coma! I loved it! I look forward to this Friday when I get my other 2 wisdom teeth pulled & can once again over-indulge on wonderful Häagen-Dazs! Until then I'm pretty much in hell every time I open up my freezer door! If you've never had Häagen-Dazs before (because I know it's expensive - it's always a big treat when we buy it!), and you like ice cream, you've got to try it! I wouldn't normally ever sit down with a bowl of vanilla ice cream, but I would if it were Häagen-Dazs! It is SO smooth & delicious! Ahhh! Häagen-Dazs!

4 talk to me:

Chelsea and Ryan said...

No one mentioned this amazing gift from heaven to me! Holy cow, that's the biggest smile I've ever seen Jack have in a picture. He's the cutest patutie ever. Dang, I want free ice cream. This is a memory they'll probably remember forever....

Janelle said...

That is hilarious. I can't believe that you are so lucky. Sorry about the wisdom teeth. Why didn't you get them taken out earlier? I sure did hate when I got mine taken out, I was so worried I would swallow the gauze while I slept and die. I am sure the ice cream helps. Wish I could be there with you, but then again baby weight the second time around is more stubborn.

shannon said...

that is awesome, and i'll totally gorge myself in ice cream too! what a sweet deal. eat some for me too please???

Chelsea and Ryan said...

time for a new post! I heard another truck wrecked recently...