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Friday, June 22, 2007


Last Sunday the kids were in the backyard playing & Jeremiah & I were both in the house. I heard Jack crying & I could tell it was a hurt cry. I just knew it had to do with the playhouse (with its scary ladder leading up to it). As I was running to the back door I was envisioning him lying on the ground in a pool of blood. That was the first place I looked when I got out there & was relieved to not see him there. He was in the playhouse and Callie was holding his finger (attached to his body still!) with blood dripping all over. Apparently he'd wanted out & she was playing & wasn't going to let him out so he had his fingers around the door as she pulled & pulled the knob as hard as she could! His poor blood-covered finger looked mutilated! Once we got it cleaned up a little we determined that it wasn't broken and it didn't look quite as mutilated. The nail was all bloody & his fingertip was kind of squishy-mangled looking. We covered it with a Dora bandaid but since he wanted to pull it off we put a butterfly bandage on top of that & band-aided another finger to the bad one. He cried & cried & cried! But after he had calmed down a TINY bit he, through his tears, said "hippo!" I asked him if he wanted to play the hippo game (hungry hippos that is) and I got a tearful "yesh." How funny is that? So I got the hippo game for him & he sat with Jeremiah and ate a push-up pop & played the hippo game. He was good. Then Callie came in to say she was sorry (and she REALLY was - she felt awful when I talked to her about it) & he lost it again. But once Jeremiah got him refocused on the hippo game he was happy again. His finger looks MUCH better now, but I'm pretty sure he's gonna lose his nail - it's maroon. Every time I go to clean his hands after a meal I wince!

On Tuesday evening I was quickly headed out the door & when I grabbed the little handle on the screen door to pull it closed as I was walking out my ring caught on it. Ouch! It jerked my whole body back! Amazingly enough I just had a little mark on the top of my finger where my ring had dug in. I really can't believe it didn't break my finger, & you won't either after you look at this picture of my poor bent ring! I do have a nice little bruise on the side of my finger now. I haven't taken my ring to get fixed yet, but thankfully I have a spare! I'd lost my ring a few months ago and I felt so naked without it so I bought a ring I LOVE from Macy*s - $20 because it was 50% off! It's the type of ring I'd rather have anyway so I'm not too sad about wearing a pretend bling ring for a while. All I can say is, what was I thinking when we picked out my wedding ring?! I actually wanted my stone smaller & set lower than what was on the one in the store! I was cuh-razy!

2 talk to me:

Chelsea and Ryan said...

poor little guy! I wish you guys were coming with mom and dad next week.

Callie is JUST like you when you were little, esp. if you watch that home video of us dancing on the end tables to the Michael Jackson record...I'm more like Jack, eager to follow big sis and mimicking the actions.

Seriously, she's your little mini-me (more so than not when she's talking on the phone and says, mmhmm....yeah...uh-huh...yeah..)

shannon said...

ouch and ouch! that's a mean ow-ie on his finger! and i can't believe how bent your ring is and that you aren't even injured...good thing it's made of gold. (love the pic too of Jeremiah in his g's...awesome!)