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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Hoy, me hearties!

Callie has caught the pirate fever that's sweeping the nation! It's seriously EVERYWHERE! Admittedly, I did just order some new bedding for Jack's future room (like in our future new house) that is piratey. Anyway, Dora has a few adventures with some pirate pig that says "Ahoy, me hearties!" as well as other phrases that include "me hearties," and now I have several times heard Callie saying "Hoy, me hearties!" and other piratey things! It's so funny!

But what's even funnier is Jack! He loves pirates even though he thinks they're scary. He gets really excited about pirate stuff & he says "pie-yet" which is usually followed by "scary." I got him this little pair of piratey slip-ons (payless) and he is so funny about them! The other day he'd take a step, look at his foot & say "scary." Then he'd take another step, look at the new foot & say "scary." He repeated this sequence several times until I couldn't take the cuteness anymore & picked him up & kissed him! My mom made him a little piratey pillowcase a while ago and he loves that too! Jeremiah went to get him out of his crib after a nap the other day & found Jack lying on his side with his head on one arm & pointing at different things on the pillowcase with his other finger and saying "scary. [new spot] scary. [new spot] ohh, scary." He's a hoot!

2 talk to me:

Janelle said...

Your kids are so super cute. Hope that Jack's finger is healing. I have never heard that hot dog song, but she can shake her bootie like her mommy. I still remember your first date with Jeremiah, I am not sure if you remember what happened when you were hypnotized, but Jeremiah enjoyed your bootie shaking. Those were fun times

shannon said...

scary! i love that he steps and says scary...he is so darn cute and funny. love it!