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Monday, July 02, 2007

Hello, Kitty

We had a Hello Kitty extravaganza yesterday for Callie's 3rd birthday! She got her Hello Kitty napkins alright! She had the best day, I think! For one, she loves going to nursery so that started the day out great. I sent rice krispy treats on a Hello Kitty paper plate to give her a taste of things to come! :) Soon after we got home from church her nursery leader rang our doorbell & had brought her a present & a big mylar balloon. Callie was so excited! Especially when she opened the present: Princess fruit snacks & a punching balloon! She & Jack had a tea party and served their guests fruit snacks while Jeremiah made dinner & I frosted her cake.

When my mom, dad & Stuart got to our house all the girls got HK necklaces

& we had dinner with HK paper goods. After dinner she saw the dollhouse that we got for her. She was REALLY excited! When she had inspected everything for a minute she noticed there wasn't a baby for her dollhouse. "Mom, where's the baby? I don't see a baby." What an observative little girl - I wondered if she would notice (I left it out because my mom was giving her the baby and a crib with a musical mobile!). She had the best time opening presents - she loved every single one of them! She's at such a fun age! After my mom, dad, & stuart left we played the 2 new games that she'd got, she played with her dollhouse for an hour & a half!, and then she couldn't wait to wear her new princess nightgown to bed! When I asked her if she'd had a good birthday as I was putting her to bed she told me she had & said "You're the best, mom!" Thanks, Callie. You're the best too.

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