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Thursday, September 21, 2006

This morning

It is just ridiculous how cute this little girl is! I was looking on eBay for some hair bows & Gymbo stuff & this mom knows what she's doing! Her stuff is selling REALLY well, & I'm SURE it's because of her adorable little model! So I guess if you want to make lots of money selling your eBay crap, take pictures of your adorable kids using the stuff.

We went on a walk this morning to Grandma Darcy's house since I apparently forgot to set my alarm before I went to bed last night, and slept through my 6:30 walk with the Debs. Callie loves going to "Gamma Darcy's" to jump on the "trampa-bean." Jack sat on a rock & ate bark mulch. It was a good morning! :)

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