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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Utah Visit

We've been on the road again. The kids & I anyway. I don't know who loves the long drives more - me or them. We went to Utah a couple weeks ago to visit the Condies & my sisters. It was pretty fun for Callie & Jack to be there - lots of new toys, kids their age, & stairs - which were pretty new for Jack. I think he was feeling pretty good about himself on those stairs before we left! So talk about crazy - 2 moms & 5 LITTLE kids! Spencer had just turned 3, Callie's 2, Preston's 1 1/2, Jack's almost 1, & Tanner's weeks old! Wendy & I tried to go into a scrapbook store that supposedly had a play area for kids while the moms shopped. The "play area" was part of a kid corral that was maybe 5' long & 3' at its widest part with a few dirty toys. So one of the kids started crying & it was a total chain reaction. I was trying to juggle Callie & Jack in each arm & look at ribbon & between the 2 squirming & trying to get out of my arms to reach stuff & the stench of Jack's freshly pooped diaper, I just couldn't take it any more. I took my kids & we waited in the car with Toy Story on the DVD player. After that fiasco, Wendy & I took turns going into stores that didn't have shopping carts!

Callie & Aunt Kayleigh

2 talk to me:

shannon said...

Darling photos...I so wish I could have seen you while you were here, but things get so hectic, especially last month. We'll have to get together sometime SOON!

shannon said...

BTW, We are having a girls weekend Dec 8th and 9th up at our condo in Park CIty if you can swing it...it will be a scrapbooking extravaganza!!!!!!!!!