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Sunday, August 08, 2010

End of the School Year Wrap-up

I've already become one of those mothers & I knew it was going to happen even before the school year ended: I can't wait for school to get out & I can't wait for school to begin again! But enough about me.

Callie had a kindergarten awards assembly. It was lame. The kindergarteners didn't do a special song or anything - they just sat there & waited for their name to be called. Every kid got a certificate, which they should, but it was like, here's this selection of certificates we can give out, should we give Callie citizenship or writing? Hmmmm, writing. (What does that even mean - writing? In third grade it would be like creative writing. Kindergarteners don't really do that. Does it mean handwriting?) I realize my elementary school memories may not be perfect but I'm pretty sure at our awards assembly, besides everyone getting a certificate for just being a cool kid, they also actually recognized special things. Like wow, Jonny really is so kind to all of the other children and always tries to make people happy - let's give Jonny a special citizenship award. Can you tell I substitued Jonny for Callie? It really could have gone either way. No, I'm not bitter that Callie got a writing award instead of a citizenship award - her writing is great. I just think it's a little silly how the awards assembly all went down. Whatev.

Jack had a preschool "graduation" night, although he wasn't actually graduating from preschool. 3 of his classmates were though. It was a totally cute program!

At one point all the kids donned beaks & did the 5 Little Ducks song. They also did another one that was really fun to watch them perform (Mother Goonie Bird). These videos are so totally because our family might want to see them. And sorry for the sideways one. I thought the iPhone was amazing enough that it would turn my video right-side-up when I turned my phone but I was wrong!

Jack got an award for being so nice to his classmates all year. He ALSO got an achievement award just for going to preschool!

For an end-of-the-year teacher gift we made candy bar notes for Callie's & Jack's teachers. I wish I'd thought to take pictures before we gave them away - that way I wouldn't have to come up with a new message when I repeat it in the future! The kids loved helping glue the candy on & they especially loved taking them to their teachers!

These are the monster cupcakes Miss Cami made for the graduation after-party. They were a huge hit with the kids!

Besides Jack's awards, we came home with a cute book of a bunch of stuff like this. This one's my favorite because it is SOOO Jack!

PS- We absolutely LOVE Jack's preschool & are thrilled he gets to go for another year. If you're in ktown & want the preschool info let me know - it's awesome!

PPS- Does it seem like Callie's being neglected in this post? What can I say? Jack's preschool program was just so much better than Callie's kindergarten program. Even if there hadn't been refreshments! :)

2 talk to me:

Tera said...

Caelan went to Mrs. Cammie's preschool too and LOVED it. I even had her take the summer reading preschool class with Cambrea because we liked her so much.

Janelle Day said...

Is Jack going to kindergarten next year or does he have 1 more year of preschool, I forget if he is Camille's age or in between her and Maddie. His program was cute. Can you believe that Callie will go to all day school. Camille wants to be able to eat lunch at school and not at home.