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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

beginning of the school year surveys {2010}


Age: 6
Height: 45 1/2 "
Weight: 41 lbs
Hair color: light brown

Animal: Baby penguins. And peacocks. And dogs & fish. Pretty much all animals.
Food: Pasta Carbonara
Game: Bear Trap with Daddy
Toy: Baby Doll
Thing to do: spend time with my Mom doing crafts
Book: Quite Enough Hot Dogs (Rookie Reader book by Wil Mara)
Color: Pink. And all the colors.
Movie: Barbie and the 12 Dancing Princesses
Song: Bella Note (from Lady & the Tramp)
Primary Song: Come, Follow Me

My best friend is: Corinne, Kenadee & Kaelene
Other friends I like to play with: Alexis
Things I like to do with my friends: "I like to play with them & do crafts & stuff"
If I had a pet it would be a: dog (she actually has a fish)
named: Kaelene (named Kaelene)
What people like about me: "That I help and care and share, and I'm nice. And that I'm so cute."
Things I can do really well: "I'm really good at making people feel better. And I'm really good at helping. I'm good at doing crafts, playing the piano, singing, listening (not), following, being brave, math, baby-sitting, and pretty much everything."


Age: 4 1/2
Height: 40 1/2"
Weight: 36 lbs
Hair color: dark blonde

Animal: shark
Food: Pasta Carbonara
Game: Piranah Panic
Toy: "Imaginext dinosaurs. Or Legos. Or dragon castle stuff (also Imaginext). All my toys!"
Thing to do: Play Mario Bros (which he's been grounded from for 6 months and rarely gets to play anyway)
Book: Dinosaur Book (Encyclopedia of Dinosaurs [and Other Prehistoric Creatures] by John Malam)
Color: blue
Movie: Peter Pan
Song: Apples & Bananas
Primary Song: I Am a Child of God

My best friend is: Tyler
Other friends I like to play with: Isaac, Kenadee, Kiera, Collin
Things I like to do with my friends: Play Mario Bros (he's only ever played w/Tyler a few times)
If I had a pet it would be a: sea turtle
named: Jack-in-the-box
What people like about me: "I'm always nice. I don't know what else they like about me."
Things I can do really well: "I'm good at playing Mario Bros & I always smoke aunt Kayleigh on playing. And I'm good at playing with my toys & writing."

2 talk to me:

Janelle Day said...

Ok Callie just makes me laugh. I think her and Camille would love each other. They sound so much alike. Can you believe she will go all day, that will be fun for her (and probably you too :)

Evie B. said...

I'm totally stealing this idea, hope you don't mind!