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Monday, August 09, 2010

Callie's first visit from the Tooth Fairy!

At the beginning of July I showed Callie
this post from my friend Janelle's blog about tying floss around her little girls tooth to yank it out. Callie loved the idea since she'd had a loose tooth for MONTHS so we got all geared up to do it when Jeremiah got home from work that night. When Jeremiah got home he wiggled her tooth and told her it really wasn't ready yet & that it would bleed a lot if we did it so he convinced her to wait. Then a week later Callie & I were telling Callie's friend's mom about it & the mom told Callie about her niece who's tooth hadn't seemed that loose, but when she bit into an apple one day the tooth just came right out & stuck to the apple. It didn't hurt & was unexpected. Callie loved that idea so we got an apple from a friend the next day & tried it out.

Fig. A - pre-apple

Fig. B - biting the apple

It didn't work. But it did loosen her tooth up quite a bit! About a week after that Callie had been really begging to try the floss thing & her tooth seemed pretty wiggly. I said we could do it & she was too excited to wait for Daddy to come home from work.

Fig. A - pre-floss (just ignore the breakfast around her mouth)

Fig. B - floss attached to tooth

Fig. C - floss attached to door

Well that didn't work either. Jack pulled the door open & the floss slipped right off her tooth! I got a chair for her to sit on & a flosser pick while I worked on the loop. It was pretty difficult to get that teeny loop around the base of her tooth so it wouldn't slip off again. That's where the flosser came in handy so I could push it down under the gum. While this was going on she was sitting on the chair close to the door with the door partially open. My hands were halfway in her mouth trying to get that loop around the tooth when Ellie hung on the door & swung it all the way open & the tooth popped out. Callie was very surprised and then a big grin spread across her face & she hopped down to look for the tooth.

Fig. D - proud toothless girl!

I made this little tooth pocket (there's a flap in the back) so the tooth could be safely slipped under her pillow without worry of it getting lost. When the tooth fairy takes the tooth out of the pocket she can slip the money in. Callie was super excited to use it!

1 talk to me:

Janelle Day said...

That is a cute tooth holder. We had one when we were kids, but I just was lame and made Camille put hers in a bowl. I wasn't exactly ready at age 5 for her to be losing teeth. Next go around we will have something cool like that. Was it easy to make (meaning could non crafty lady like me do it?)