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Monday, August 30, 2010

tooth fairy strikes again

Callie unexpectedly lost her 2nd tooth Saturday morning while chewing on something. She acted a little put out with me since I'd recently told her it wasn't loose enough yet to pull out with dental floss again!

Can I just say, thank you SOOO much to all you parents (and you know who you are), who's tooth fairies give your children obscene amounts of money for their teeth! It would be fantastic if there could be a nation-wide standard (same goes for our winter friend), instead of this tooth fairy giving a $10 bill b/c that's all they had in their wallet, or this one giving a 5 b/c they think that's what a tooth is worth. COME ON! Our tooth fairy gives $1. My friend Wendy's gives $2. I could possibly entertain the idea of 2 (although I still think that 1 is plenty), but not 5!

Because Callie is old enough (which most tooth-losing children are) to think rational thoughts, she is upset about the variance & feels like her teeth are worth more than what she was previously given. So then her Aunt Chelsea eggs her on & promises to write a letter to the tooth fairy in Callie's behalf:

So at that point I'm damned if I do & damned if I don't. How rude if the tooth fairy completely ignores the letter, but how the heck should the tooth fairy diplomatically reply? (The little print is: "Aunt Chelsea- Please tell Callie that I would love to give her $30, but teeth are only worth so much! I will put in a good word to my friend Santa Clause, although he may feel she is too young still for that toy. Best of luck to Callie, and thanks for the tooth! - The Tooth Fairy")

BTW, the Easy-Bake Oven issue is this. I'm a fairly big supporter of age suggestions on toys. There are some exceptions, but for the most part I think the recommendations are pretty accurate. Easy-Bake Ovens are 8+, but we see our friends the Taylors at Walmart one day birthday shopping for their little girl's 4th birthday & Callie sees that they're getting said girl the Easy Bake Oven. So now she is totally annoyed that I won't let her have one (as if I let my kids just have a toy simply b/c they want it anyway) because she's not 8, even though Tatum is only 4 & she gets to have one. I told Tatum's mom about it & she said that one of her older boys is the one who really enjoys it the most. Too bad for Callie not having an older brother who would love to spend all afternoon supervising and easy-baking.

Back to the tooth. Callie woke up at 6am Sunday morning and checked under her pillow right away and then promptly started crying (I know, ungrateful little girl) about only getting a dollar since so & so got $5 or $2 or $10. What's a mom to do?

5 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

I should defend myself because I totally didn't egg her on! SHE'S the one that begged me to write the tooth fairy a letter...and really...since I rarely see her I would rather have her upset at the tooth fairy than Aunt Chelsea.

Be mad at the other parents :)

Caitlin said...

I only got a quarter for a tooth that came out normally. I did get a dollar for teeth that had to be pulled out by the dentist, though.

Janelle Day said...

Too funny Chelsea!! It sucks that they start comparing what they get to other people at such a young age. I am all for little things like gum or a few quarters for the tooth fairy, mine was cheap so why shouldn't hers be? :)

L Murray said...

Wow, I'm so glad my son hasn't compared his tooth fairy loot with other kids. He only gets a quarter!! So far I haven't heard any complaints. I can't believe other tooth fairies give out so much!! Wow!!

Reed, Liz and the kids said...

We explained to Emily that there are many different tooth fairies and they all bring different things. Our tooth fairy brings 4 quarters and a reece's cup (Reed started that and she now expects it!)She has friends that get more but she just thinks it is what "their" fairy does