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Sunday, August 08, 2010

About to Pop Baby Shower

My friend Ashley threw a baby shower for our other friend Amberlee in May. I was in charge of games & favors, and I went early to help set up. I also took pictures - not my best, but it was a fun shower nonetheless so I thought I'd share.

The theme was "About to Pop" and Ashley did a really great job with all the signage & the invitations & everything, staying with the "pop" theme.

So for the games I went with one traditional & 2 totally non-traditional :) I've always thought a baby picture guessing game sounded so fun but have never gone to the effort to put it together for any of the other times I've done shower games. It was well worth the effort!

Another game was that everyone got a balloon they had to pop & the balloon with a baby inside was a winner. I put pennies in the other balloons so that it wasn't so obvious which balloon hid a baby.

The 3rd game was a bubble-blowing contest! It was really fun to see everyone working on their bubble-blowing skills because some of the women there are typically more reserved & some of them were grandmothers (I've never seen any of mine or Jeremiah's grandmas blow a bubble!). Everyone was a super good sport & tried their best to blow a winning bubble! LOL

Totally simple but fun prizes: pop & popcorn (which btw I'm totally a dork & it was by complete coincidence that I ended up with Pop-Secret popcorn - LOL)!

And the favors...

Ashley (L) & Amberlee

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Janelle Day said...

So do you just have a spark of genius and come up with these ideas on your own? I can't tell you how much I wish I lived near you. You make life so fun!