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Monday, August 30, 2010

First Soccer Game

This year Jackson is old enough to play soccer so he was very excited for us to sign him up. Last week he loved trying on new cleats & shin guards at home & kicking around his new size 3 (very small) soccer ball!

I went to his first practice last Wednesday and was able to see that our little guy has a long way to go to soccer stardom, but prior to this his only exposure to soccer has been kicking a Diego bouncy ball around the backyard. Oh, & he can identify a soccer ball! :) (I think we used to have a tiny one)

When Jeremiah was helping Jack get all ready for his game he was talking to him about all the goals he was going to score. I mouthed for Jeremiah to stop over Jack's head, and then when Jack was getting in the car told Jeremiah about the soccer practice & told him Jack probably wouldn't score a goal so don't pump him up too much. Is that bad of me? I'm a generally positive person, but I'm a realist. Of course when I told Jeremiah that he said, "Oh great!" and was immediately bummed. I told him give me a break. Jack's 4 and he's been to 1 practice, so his dreams of an all-star kid don't have to be dashed yet!

Before the game started Jack was blowing grass off his hands. I was thinking, awesome, I've got a dandelion picker. But once the game started he kept up with all the other kids & even scored TWO GOALS! Yay Jack! He was pumped about scoring twice & had a great time playing!

Scoring his first goal!

After he scored he just turned around as if nothing cool had happened & walked over to his team. His coach gave him a high-5. We're gonna have to work on a goal dance or something! lol

Enjoying a little half-time snack

Look at that hot assistant coach! That's right, my very own Mr. Divis!

Most of the kids (at least on Jack's team) didn't really know how to do the whole high-5 lineup. I'm sure they'll get the hang of it soon (since there's a game like every weekend for the next couple months).

Goooo team!

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Richelle said...

Best action shot of Jack scoring a goal! Great job, Hill.