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Monday, August 09, 2010

Chair Spinning

Don't judge me. I went to pick up my kids from my mom's one day & walked in to this going on. Check out Ellie's eyes at the end! I got onto my mom at first cause I thought she was damaging my poor baby's brain, but then she said that everyone's eyes do that & proved it by showing me with Callie & Jack. They weren't as bad since they're older, but I did lots of chair spinning as a kid & I turned out okay so then I had to record it because it really was funny. I thought so anyway. Jeremiah didn't like it! Oh Ellie's tongue out at the end isn't due to spinning - it's just her thing. That girl sticks her tongue out all the time! And you can't hardly hear her because she's very softspoken a lot of the time, but Ellie's saying wee at the beginning.

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Janelle Day said...

That eye thing always happens, so interesting and freaky looking :) It is fortunate that with all of the strange things we do to our kids and our parents did to us we still turn out relatively normal :)