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Monday, August 09, 2010

Visiting the Condies

The kids & I headed all dirty from the sand dunes up to Highland to stay with the Condies for a week! Even though Wendy & are are just great friends, our kids are like cousins & sometimes we'll say Aunt Wendy or Aunt Hillary. We're just one big happy family together!

The kids all played really well together the whole time. We had the best, laid back week just hanging out. Usually when I visit Wendy I have a whole list of places I want to shop. I didn't have a single place this time that I was dying to go to. That helped things not be chaotic. It's insane trying to take 7 kids (between us) into a store!

On Monday we got ready at a super leisurely pace, took the kids to Costco for a late lunch, and did some shopping/meal planning for the week. We got home from Costco & let the kids play while we threw a quick dinner together. My sister Kayleigh came over all but one of the nights we were there. It was awesome to spend time with her. Plus she was super awesome & kept doing dishes while we tried to get kids to bed. She's great!

Jack LOVED playing with the boys! The order of the kids in age are Spencer (almost 7), Callie (6), Preston (5), Tanner (almost 4), Ellie & Emily (both 2 - just a couple weeks apart). It was interesting that Jack & Spencer especially played well together, & Callie & Preston played a lot together.

One day we took the kids to a little dinosaur museum at BYU. They thought it was awesome!

The Condies have lots of scooters & space to ride. Callie loved playing on the boys' scooters!

We had a hard time keeping the kids out of the sandbox!

After the first couple meals we decided to move the kids outside! There's seriously a lot of cleanup when you're feeding 7 kids!

Besides Costco & the dinosaur museum, we took the kids to a splash park one day, a cool regular park & also a water park another day. Wendy & I got a babysitter one night since her husband, Mike, was spending time with his brother who was moving across the country. We went out to eat, saw a movie & got yogurt afterwards. Another night after the kids went to bed we went to the dollar theater with Kayleigh. And the last night I was there Mike babysat all the kids while Wendy, Kayleigh & I went out to eat, did a little shopping, and got yogurt again.

Thanks for such a fun week Wendy! I wish we could see each other more often!!!

Our drive home was great except for the 2 1/2 hours we were in St. George! I'm a really slow person by myself but throw kids in the mix and it's just pathetic! I took a half hour nap when we got to St. George since Wendy & I had stayed up too late the night before watching a movie & I was feeling really sleepy. I gassed up & then took the kids into Costco because Jack had to poop. Have I mentioned how that just kills me?! The kid takes like 20 minutes average to poop. Sometimes longer! When we're at home doing nothing it's all good. Take your time. But when we're in a public bathroom I just want to bang my head on the wall. Except that public bathroom walls are generally filthy! And because of public bathrooms & their lack of cleanliness I usually hold Ellie while we're in there since she isn't really old enough to just chill in one place without touching everything. After holding a 25+ lb kid for almost 20 minutes I was having to really work at staying calm & nice. So this was Jack in the bathroom. Just making himself at home!

By the time he finished we'd been at Costco nearly an hour & the kids wanted to eat hot dogs. We sat & ate them & there went another 45 minutes. Next time we're going through a drive through. I ran up to a redbox & made one other 20 minute stop & that was how we spent 2 1/2 hours in St. George. Aughhh! It was great to get home!

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Brit and Summer said...

I laughed so hard when I read this post about Jack and his bathroom experience. The picture really adds to the story! Thanks for the great laugh!