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Monday, August 09, 2010

Jack, the bug guy

Jack is fearless - and quick! - when it comes to insects & creepy things! He can catch flies, moths, lizards, you name it. We've had to show him pictures of scorpions, spiders & snakes so that he hopefully won't attempt to touch those guys! He loves insects!

One day Callie ran in to tell us we had to come see the insect that Jack had caught! The kids loved passing this guy around. Unfortunately for him it probably is what led to his death!

Before I knew what he was doing one day Jack had this lizard in the house! It wriggled away too, but luckily Jack caught him again right away & I promptly sent them both outside!

1 talk to me:

Janelle Day said...

All of your kids were taking that honker moth in stride. I promise you that at least one of my children would have fainted if not all of them if that were put within a foot of them. Ok lets me honest I would have freaked out a bit too.