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Monday, August 09, 2010

Swim Lessons Summer '10

We did 2 2-week sessions of swim lessons this year at the public pool. The classes were small & the kids had their 30-minute lessons at the same time. They also got to take them with friends!

Jack & his best buddy Tyler had Jose & Tiffany for their first session, & Annie for the second. Jack does NOT like getting his face/head wet so swim lessons didn't go too well for him. Usually by the end of class he didn't want to get out of the pool, but I would by no means consider him a water-baby & he squealed like a pig when I gave his instructors permission to dunk him (almost every day). He didn't pass level 1 preschool aquatics after 4 weeks! lol

Callie on the other hand loved swim lessons! During the first session she & her friend Emily (Tyler's older sister) had Evelyn for their instructor. Callie repeated level 1 (non-preschool) with instructor Amanda this time around & passed to level 2 after the session. Since we don't do a lot of swimming during the year between summers I wonder how she'll do next year. She thinks she can swim though (even though I wouldn't say that) so I would have to watch her closely & constantly remind her to stay in the shallow part of our friend's pool when we'd go swimming. She loves the water though!

Ellie & I hung out together in the sweltering heat & watched the kids with my friend Cindi (Tyler & Emily's mom). I should have done Mom & Tot with Ellie but when I signed the kids up I chose not too since it was miserable last year with Jack. Silly me - I would have LOVED to be in that water every day & poor Ellie was sad many times that she wasn't getting in her swimsuit with the big kids. Plus Ellie's not afraid to get wet like Jack is. Next year I'll know.

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