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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Pics

I just can't believe that my days are so busy while my children are so young! What's it going to be like when they're older? Maybe I'll have to get a super short haircut & tattoo my make-up on so that I can save some time! :) I'm sure not breast-feeding or changing diapers will help too. But seriously! We are going somewhere in the car every day now, whereas before it wasn't unusual for us to only leave the house once or twice during the week. Anyway, here are a few recent pics.

I love this one of Jeremiah & Jack. Jack got a couple of cans of silly string on his birthday & they went crazy with it - silly string everywhere!

Ellie got a little scratch on her cheek so Callie decided she needed a band-aid. She went & got it & had it on Ellie before I even noticed.

Ellie's big enough to take baths with the older kids now & they all love it! Callie likes to hold Ellie while she kicks her feet. Ellie loves the bathtub & happily splashes till I pull her out.

Tara sent the girls matching shirts & flowers just for fun. Callie loves it when she & Ellie match. Me too!

Callie & Kenadee (my friend's little girl) brought these adorable spiders home from school today! Callie's teacher was kind enough to give me extra stuff to make one with Jackson too! They must have been running short on pixie sticks though since Callie's spider only has 6 legs! (Kenadee's in another class)

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