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Friday, October 17, 2008

CA weekend trip

Another quick trip to CA for the weekend. I wanted to go to Disneyland before Jack turned 3 (which means we'd have to pay for him) so we timed it so we could also go to our niece's 3rd birthday party. We headed over Thursday night & left to come home Sunday morning.

I normally check the SoCal school schedules before we go to Disneyland but I just didn't think about it this time & that was a mistake! Not that I've confirmed, but I hear it was a week long break for the year round schools and that's why Disneyland was so busy! We didn't get to go on so many of the rides we usually do, but we (and when I say we I mean the children & I) had a really fun day despite the crowds! Probably one of the best parts was taking Callie & Jack to Tom Sawyer's Island, now renamed Pirate's Cove. Jeremiah & Ellie stayed on the "mainland" while we played over there for an hour! I had to drag the kids to the raft to take us back! They loved it! What kid wouldn't?! This was their first time over & there was so much to explore. One thing I thought was funny was that Jack & Callie were both scared to go into the little caves until I used a pirate voice & said we needed to find a place to hide our treasure. It was like I'd flipped a switch. Suddenly they were fearless pirates and were excited to explore all the little corners & nooks of each little cave. At some point on the island I told the kids to hold my hands and Callie says "Pirates never hold hands, me hearties!" My only regret for the day is not going on Peter Pan. It's my favorite (nostalgia) and Jack really wanted to go on it - Peter Pan is his favorite movie. We got to the park just after 9 and by 6 Jeremiah had had it & there was no way he was staying for the parade at 7! Here's some pictures from our day:

While we waited in line for Buzz we had to hold Jack back from walking right up to him, but when it was finally our turn he was too shy!

This is how Jeremiah spent a bit of our day. I can't get too upset though - it lets me enjoy a charmed life!

Gotta love the way Jack relaxes!

{ ---------------------------------------------------------------- }

The kids especially loved Katelyn's birthday party on Saturday! This was their first pinata experience & they think it was the best thing ever! Callie has already requested one at her next birthday party! :)

The birthday girl, Katelyn, with her m/d Justin (Jeremiah's brother) & Jamie.

2 talk to me:

shannon said...

oh, i'm so jealous that you're so close to Disneyland. collin asks to go there all the time...and i love the photo of jer on the phone...that would totally be Adam. no wonder they are friends!

Janelle said...

SO how close are you to Disneyland? We had wanted to go before Camille turned 3, but we didn't. She still hasn't been yet. I love when Callie pulled out the "me hearties" phrase, she is so funny. Glad you had fun.