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Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Jackson!

According to Jackson, his 3rd birthday (today) was great! For months he'd been saying he wanted a Diego party so as his adoring mother I was more than happy to oblige! It was Jack's idea to wear his Disneyland pirate hat & call it his party hat so both he & Callie had to wear their fun hats for breakfast! Earlier in the week when I'd asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner he'd told me pizza, and then more specifically "Hut Pizza!" I thought it was funny & cute that he requested that since a) we usually order Papa Johns & b) it'd been a couple or more months since we'd gone to Pizza Hut (we go for their lunch buffet), so that was his big birthday meal. My parents & brothers came over for cake & presents in the evening.

His 2 favorite presents (both from grandparents):

He enjoyed getting birthday phone calls from my siblings but hasn't quite figured out phone etiquette! He just hands me the phone or hangs up when he's ready to go! And when my grandma called him he wouldn't talk in a normal voice either. What can I say - he's 3 & he's a boy.

We've gotta keep a close eye on this one! I had a stern talk with him at Katelyn's party on Saturday because I think her parents would have just died if he'd stuck his finger in her cake! And rightly so - it was a beautiful cake! This cake was going to be so much cooler than how it turned out! The inspiration cake had blue fondant covering the whole thing & awesome (but very simple) jungle grass around the sides of it. I sent Jeremiah to get fondant from WalMart last night & he came back with a $20 jumbo box & said, "I thought you'd said it would be cheaper to make his cake than to buy it!" I took the jumbo box back & planned on buying the normal size box & of course they were out if it! I had a little fondant left from Callie's birthday & I had to work really hard to make it stretch as far as it did. Oh well. The important thing is that Jack thought it was really cool! And by the way he picked out his cake flavor. I took him down the baking aisle so he could see all the boxes & I thought for sure it would be fun-fetti but he picked up the chocolate box & said, "This one, I want this one! I wuv choc-awut!"

2 talk to me:

trina said...

what a cutie! i love his pirate shirt. and him licking the frostin off his cake. and him in his underwear! gosh, do you think he might be a little like his dad? :) thanks again for your help with the blogging.

Janelle said...

I didn't know that they sold fondant at Walmart. I thought the cake was still cute. He is getting so big so fast. I love your birthday tradition that they get to choose what is for dinner, it really makes the they "their" day.