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Friday, October 24, 2008

From the mouths of babes:

It was so sad! Callie woke up this morning & stumbled into my room & the first thing she said in a sad little voice was "Corinne's leaving today." Then she hugged me for a long time. Awwww!

On a lighter note, here are some funny things my kids have said:

Jack randomly says: I’m not a vacuum. I’m a Jackson boy.

Callie: My tummy hurts. Maybe it’s because I ate too much dessert last night. Let me think. Hmm. I was eating dessert while mom was making dinner & then Kenny came over & they forgot & then they went back & Jack went to & I was like where’d they go? And then we had dinner & then I ate dessert & they lived happily happily ever after. The end. That was a thinking story mom, to see if I ate too much dessert last night & I did. I’m just not going to eat any more dessert – until my stomach stops hurting. And then I can have dessert again.

Callie: Will you tell me a story of when I was little? But don’t say poop & pee. That’s not all I did. …I spit up too.

Jack: You made my heart feel sad that you did that.

Jack: I want to be a spider with legs & be creepy!

Jack: I just cut off my toe and I’m gonna eat it for breakfast.

Callie: Heavenly father made super super hard glue and he put it on your nails to stick to your fingers, more harder than builders use. Cause you have to have nails if you want to paint your fingers, huh?

Jack to me: You made me upset & you made me sad so I’m going to call the police.
Callie's response: Mama, mama, I don’t want you to go to jail!

Happy Friday!!!

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