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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Goodbye Cooleys :(

We've been having lots of fun with friends lately. On Monday playgroup was at our house & we helped the kids make caramel apples. They had a great time choosing what to put on their apples. I made Jeremiah a granny with chopped reese's on it, & I made myself a gala with oreos. I should have done the oreos on a granny, but I normally don't like granny apples & even though I know & love Disneyland's caramel apples (made w/grannies), I was afraid. Silly me! And we didn't eat the oreo one till Wednesday, so by then the caramel tasted a little stale.

Our dear friends Loren & Tana Cooley are moving to Henderson on Friday. Although it's not very far away, we'll miss seeing Tana & the girls so often. Corinne told Tana that she'll have to tell me that they'll be a couple of minutes late getting to my house for playgroup since they'll be coming from Henderson. When Tana told Corinne that they won't get to come for playgroup most of the time Corinne was pretty sad. Callie's taking their move hard. Corinne & Callie are the best of friends. We've known they were going to move for a while & several times over the past couple of months Callie has cried about it. Last night we had Loren & Tana & other friends over for a farewell bbq. The kids all had the best time together & there wasn't even too much fighting! When it was time for Corinne to leave Callie sobbed. Corinne gave her a hug & said she'd never forget Callie. I've been having a hard time holding back the tears. Not just because it breaks my heart that my 4 year old is so sad to have her best friend leaving, but because I'll miss Tana a lot too! She's such a great friend! They'll only be an hour & a half away but it's not the same. Tana told me that Corinne came into her bawling this morning because she'd been watching Pocahontas & John Smith was leaving & they were in love & it was just so sad just like it's so sad that they're leaving all their friends here & she's going to miss Callie so much. Tear! Well we'll definitely have to go visit them soon!

These pictures are from our get together:

Summer, Tana, me, Ashley, & Kate

Kiera, Callie, Corinne, Kenadee

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Molly Riggs said...

ooo, those apples look so yummy!

trina said...

mm, definately, those apples look AMAZING!!!!

trina said...
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