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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Since things are so hectic here I've had a hard time really getting into the Halloween spirit, "witch" is unusual for me since I'm such a lover! I'd been stressing too because I couldn't find the lamb costume that I'd made for Callie when she was a baby & it's a tradition to have the babies be lambs on their first Halloweens. After all-out searches in the garage, shed & bedrooms, I finally found it in the first place I thought I'd looked - my closet! Just hanging up in the back. I'm just so glad I found it so Ellie could be a little lamb! We went to our ward's annual chili cook-off & trunk-or-treat tonight, and had some great chili! We'd planned on taking the kids around the neighborhood afterwards, but they got so much candy at the trunk-or-treat that we called it a night. Plus Ellie had a fever & wasn't feeling good, & Jack had been saying he was tired since 4 in the afternoon! Now that the kids are asleep we've gone through the candy - you can tell by the candy that times are tough. One thing that made me smile was when Callie sneaked her candy bag into the bedroom so she could dump it out & admire her highly anticipated treasure. She didn't eat any of it- we'd told them no more & she actually obeyed! But I can remember doing the same thing when I was a kid - dumping it all out, separating it & just admiring my bounty. So I love that Callie did that tonight too!

4 talk to me:

Janelle said...

Fun tradition that they all wear the same costume. Glad you found it. So glad that you closed on your house. Hopefully that alleviates a lot of stress (but I guess adds a lot too). Anyway good luck.

Brit and Summer said...

I have to say our kids looked so dang cute that night! We had a great Halloween and it was fun handing out candy the car next to you. This was a definately a better way of celebrating Halloween.

Alison said...

You're kids looked sooo cute! The lighting in the one picture almost gave everyone a cool Halloween ghost like appearance! I love your pumpkin carvings...how long does it take to do that?

shannon said...

love the costumes...and those pumpkin carvings were awesome...of course i loved the mccain one!