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Saturday, October 18, 2008

12 on the 12th

Sunday, October 12th:

Okay, this picture is on the 11th, not the 12th, but since I forgot to start taking pictures till we'd been driving for an hour & a half I'm adding it to my 12th collection. We stayed with Jason (Jer's bro) & Richelle while we were in CA for the weekend & our kids think they are totally fun!!

In Barstow we let the kids play at Mickey D's to give them a break then we went through the drive-thru to get some lunch. You'd think I'd have taken a picture of them playing or something, but it wasn't until we were in the drive-thru that I remembered to pull out the camera for the day.

Ellie had been getting a little tired of being in her seat so I handed her the package of wipes since she likes to play with crinkly things. I kid you not she was entertained by those wipes for a little more than half an hour! She even got some of them out of the package a couple of times!

Thank goodness for movies in the car! We let the kids take turns choosing movies & this trip was kind of funny. Jack chose Peter Pan every time & Callie chose Sleeping Beauty every time & they'd both complain about the other's choice! In this picture Sleeping Beauty is on!

Jeremiah laughs at me every time I take pictures of myself cause I'll take one, look at it, decide it's bad & take another & this goes on & on & on & on. So not that this was a great one, but I woke up & washed my face & put on new make-up before getting in the car. It's as good as it was gonna get!

Hooray! We finally made it home! So the drive is only just over 4 1/2 hours, but when you have kids & have to make long stops it makes for a long day! We were in Barstow forever!!! Plus on the way over the kids slept a good part of the trip since it was night time, but on the way home when we leave in the morning we're lucky if any naps are taken (other than by Ellie). I have to say the kids were pretty good travelers! Callie's finally old enough that it's not so hard to go on trips with her. Jack's still hit or miss!

When we got into town we headed straight for my mom & dad's house & dropped off the kids. Somebody wanted to come look at our house (we're trying to rent it out) and we had left it only half clean so my family was kind enough to take care of our kids while Jeremiah & I busted a move it get it all picked up!

Afterwards we invited ourselves to dinner! :) I wonder if my mom had figured she'd end up feeding us since when we got there she was making a huge recipe of one of our favorite soups - chicken enchilada soup!

Jack is so good at playing with toys! Callie needs people to play with her most of the time, but Jack is very good at playing on his own. I love how serious he usually looks when he plays!

Another Hickory Kist treat! My mom brought back a grasshopper rice krispy treat. Okay, it looks kind of gross, but is was seriously good! Even when it was almost a week old! Have I mentioned I love Hickory Kist?! I'm so jealous Shannon & Leslie! :)

Jeremiah's parents got lots of toys & books at a yard sale before we visited them in Oregon last month and we brought most of the books home. Jack loves this book because you can push the trucks on the side & they make different sounds. He loves to read books & have them read to him.

Ahhh! Finally the kids are in bed, our home is clean & we can relax! Jeremiah watched tv a few feet away from me & I checked email & caught up on blogs!

2 talk to me:

shannon said...

i love those grasshopper treats...so delish. but the peanut butter bars are even better! i love the pic of the kids watching sleeping beauty...jack looks bugged and callie is so excited! how funny.

James and Audra said...

Hey Hil, I tagged you, go check out my blog. Love Audra