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Friday, October 03, 2008


The best month! Some people have Christmas pajama traditions (okay, I do too). But I also have a Halloween pajama tradition! Normally they'd get to don their Halloween jammies on September 30th so they could greet October in them, but the girls' pajamas hadn't shown up yet so they had to wait a night. Yesterday morning was the perfect (albeit a day late) start to October! We had "jack-o-lantern" pancakes for breakfast that were extra delicious! I didn't want to open a whole can of pumpkin for just a few pancakes so I added some pumpkin pie spice instead & orange food coloring along w/chocolate chip jack-o-lantern faces. I'm definitely doing it again! We also made pumpkin chocolate chip cookies at mutual last night & they were perfect! Plus the weather is a little cooler so all in all it's a great start for fall!

8 talk to me:

trina said...

great idea! your pancakes sound yummy. and i want to know how you always customize your blog so cute? if you dont mind sharing your secrets.

Chelsea said...

oh i miss them.

Alison said...

What a great tradition!

shannon said...

you are so funny! i totally forgot how much you love Halloween and October! what is the family going to be this year???

Janelle said...

I love that you love October, I would never think of loving a whole month, ya know. I mean I really like Halloween, I love Turkey day, and I really love Christmas, but I don't know if I would say I love October and November. Of course I do love December. Anyway you are so cute.

Molly Riggs said...

so fun!

topsyturvytara said...

Your lack of blogging (esp pictures) is upsetting to me. Cute PJ's though!

Dansie Family said...

cute traditions and the pancakes sound great. i know porter would love them.