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Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Per Tara's request:

Every time Jack holds Ellie on the couch he wants me to take a picture! On the one hand, he's a very sweet & gentle big brother. Then again no matter how many times I tell him to leave Ellie & her binky alone he continues to torment her (and me). So often when we can't find a binky I'll ask Jack if he knows where it is & he'll tell me just a minute & come back with it from some hiding place. At least he remembers where the hiding places are since it's never the same place! I happened to see it on the floor yesterday in between our sofa & the repositionable chaise so I picked it up & then called for him & told him I needed him to find it & he went right to the place I'd found it! She'll be happily playing & he'll just go over to her & take her binky out of her mouth. He's even woken her up before because he'll sneak into the bedroom & snatch it out of her mouth while she's sleeping! Augh!!! I think he thinks it's a funny game. Funny that this is how my almost 3 year old gets his kicks I guess!

He was climbing a mountain they'd built on the bed & fell down & got his eye on a canvas basket that had been left out. I'd gone to get my hair done so this is how it looked when I got home. But at the time I left (an hour after it had happened) it just looked like scrapes on the corner of his eye - the rest of the redness wasn't there! Then again I might have missed it if it had been because I left him with marker & dirt all over his face! :)

Callie got a new haircut last week. A gal in my ward Denise cut it & since I know her well & she cuts my hair too I left Callie with her at the salon while I ran to the post office. They must have had a conversation about Callie's bangs because now Callie tells everyone that she got a haircut but not her bangs because her bangs have to grow out and it's going to take a little while but that she looks different with her new haircut. I keep catching her looking at herself in the mirror! :)

My mom got home from a week in Utah & surprised me with a pound of my favorite thing from my favorite deli ever! Smoked turkey salad from Hickory Kist in Spanish Fork! Hooray! I love the stuff. When I worked at Caselle in SF I ate this sandwich at least twice a week on average! I try to get a lunch in at Hickory Kist every time I go to Utah, although it doesn't always happen.

6 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

cute haircut and poor little eye. Ellie has such a huge head compared to Jack's. Then again, she's the only one of them that's not in the smaller percentile, right? She is so cute.

Janelle said...

I love Callie's haircut. She looks so old. I mean she doesn't look like a preschooler anymore. I would totally want to ring Jack's neck for taking the paci away from a sleeping baby, yet it makes me laugh too. Fun kids!

Alison said...

Callie's hair cut is sooo cute.
What is it with boys and bruises. I think they think it is a mark of manliness!

Dansie Family said...

i love the haircut. and i know all about tormenting 3 year olds, but my tormentors are 4 and 6. every once in a while they are actually helpful. so i guess it is worth it.

shannon said...

darling little hair cut...i love that length on little girls...and not to rub it in or anything, but i ate at Hickory Kist twice last week...and even splurged on the chocolate mud pie. oh, divine! i wonder what soups they are having today...? i think i'll stop by!

shannon said...
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