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Saturday, January 15, 2011

this week

Today I'm once again a hunting widow. Boo. Normally I'm totally fine with it because it's one of Jeremiah's loves & so I fully support that. And also he works hard & has stressful weeks all the time so I realize he needs a break & it's nice for him to get out & do something he enjoys. But I need a break today too. I need them a lot more lately than I usually do. Hmmm, could it be something to do with all the pregnancy hormones? :) Luckily tonight I'll get one. Hopefully Thai food (or something equally delicious) and a movie.

It's been a stressful & sort of crazy week. Wednesday was the only day I didn't have something in particular to do so Jeremiah's mom, my sil Ann & I (along w/Jack & Ellie) went to Bullhead to go to Target & a couple other places. One thing I was looking forward to shopping for at Target was some Valentine's decor. Amazingly enough, there was none! They're not putting it out for another couple of weeks I was told. What?! Christmas stuff was out before Halloween! WalMart has had a teeny tiny little section with some Valentine's candy in it since before Christmas, but now that Valentine's Day is actually a month away neither WalMart or Target have their main stuff out! It was disappointing.

I cooked breakfast for the first time in weeks for my kids this morning (if you count pancakes as cooking!). Today we had snowman pancakes. They wanted faces so after I smeared some peanut butter on the snowmen I gave the kids each a little handful of m&m's to create their masterpieces. It's the simple things that make life great! :)

Oh, Ellie just came up to me with a play necklace on & said, "Mom, do I look like a jerk or do I look pretty?" Where does she come up with this stuff? Time to go referee the hooligans & try not to yell too much when I see the mess they've managed to make even though their rooms were all clean when they got up this morning.

3 talk to me:

Heidi said...

I know exactly how you feel! I am a baseball widow come every mid-January to mid-May, since my husband coaches the varsity baseball team. He's in Phoenix at least once a week, and has practice 5 days a week until 6:30-7:00! But, it is what he loves to do, so I am supportive. What would they do without us?! We are quite the awesome wives, huh?! ;)

Chelsea said...

my target has had all their stuff out since the day after christmas. okay, mebbe not ALL but they started putting stuff out and it's all out now.

Rupp Family said...

I just love reading your blog..lots of fun details. Way way way cute shirt! I can't believe you made it...awesome!!! I hope all is well when that baby gets here. I will be looking for fun pics.