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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mini Vacay {how to have a baby}

I told Jeremiah the night before my induction that I felt kind of bad that I hadn't gone into labor on my own. He said, "What? Like you're a failure as a child-bearer?" Yeah, something like that. But let me just say, being induced is totally the way to do it! It was like a mini vacay because I got to relax, I never felt a single labor contraction, the nurses were awesome, I was waited on hand & foot, and there was some alone time with my hubby! :)

I got up just after 5am on Friday morning to get ready to go to the hospital. We had to be there at 6. Here's the final belly shot (39 wks 1 day):

After I got all checked in at the hospital my Dr. came in to check me & break my water. I was still only dilated to 1.5 & the baby was still -3 (pretty high). Oh & I was only 60% effaced! So I could have easily not gone into labor for another week!

At 6:45a my Dr. tried but wasn't able to break my water since baby was still too high & my cervix wasn't thinned enough, and it hurt like heck while he tried twice! He'd told me at my appt that I wouldn't get my epidural until after he'd broken my water, but at 7:15 the Dr. who is said to give the best epidurals was in my room! He was quick & getting the epidural was only a little uncomfortable & 10 mins later I was on my way to numb! :) It was a little more than an hour later I think that I got hooked up to Pitocin. I hung out & relaxed while Jeremiah went to get some breakfast (and go to work! - he didn't tell me that till later). At 10:10a my Dr. came in to check me. I was dilated to 3 & he was able to break my water. He went back to work (building next door) to see patients, & my nurse didn't come & check me for 2 hours! I was pretty surprised that she let me go so long w/out being checked since with Ellie I'd dilated so quickly. Of course with Ellie I'd gone into labor so my body was more ready. Anyway, during those 2 hours I napped, played Angry Birds on my iPhone, watched part of an episode of The Bachelor on the iPad, and just relaxed. It was awesome! When my nurse checked me around 12:15 she was pretty surprised to find that I was complete. Who knows how long I'd been done! The baby was still high so she called my Dr. to let him know I was fully dilated but that there was no hurry since the baby was still high. He came right over anyway. He came in & chatted w/Jeremiah & I while he put his booties on & I finished my Italian ice :) and then he checked me & said I was ready. It seemed kind of casual so I didn't take it that seriously. Jeremiah & I have talked about how the whole thing was pretty anti-climatic! The nurse got everything ready & 3 pushes later we had ourselves a baby! Okay, so actually the first push was pretty half-hearted since like I said it seemed kinda casual. But after the 2nd one the baby's heartrate was dropping (it was down to 50) & my Dr. had his game face on. He said I had to get the baby out on the next push (or he was getting the forceps). I did it!

When I heard "it's a girl!" I teared up. I could feel the spirit with the birth of this sweet new baby. They cleaned her a little bit & set her on me & kept working on cleaning her up. It was a great experience!
Official data:
born at 12:38pm
8 lbs 2 oz
20" long

This is about 10 mins later after they took APGAR scores, weighed & measured her (from Jer's iPhone b/c he wouldn't get the real camera out...)

(...until I got annoyed & insisted)

So my mom had the kids in the morning & Jack had been giving her a hard time (as in he was being a total punk) & had just had a time out. When he heard the news that it was a girl he was completely undone & bawled! I know bud, your dad was a little bummed at first too. That's why I LOVE this picture. It's sad & sweet to me. My 2 guys looking at this sweet little baby GIRL a little unsure since they badly wanted her to be a BOY. :( Thankfully they've both come to terms. Of course Jeremiah absolutely adores our daughter, but he's still bummed for Jack to not have a little brother. And Jack is already fine I think with having a sister. He's very sweet to her & loves to hold her.

Callie was at school when the baby was born so as soon as I could I called the school & they announced over the speaker in her class that it was a girl! Callie loved that! She said everyone in her class cheered & gave her hugs & high-5's. Totally cool! She said she was a little disappointed it was a girl because she was hoping Jack would also have a little brother, but she was still happy it was a girl.

And sweet Ellie! She has been SO excited to be a big sister! She loved coming to see us at the hospital & see her new sister! In fact when Jeremiah's mom took her home afterwards she threw a huge fit because she'd wanted to go back to the hospital & be with us.

We gave the kids a gift bag of movies & treats when they came to see us at the hospital. We hoped it would help them to not be sad at home. Ellie, who we'd thought would have the hardest time was so excited about the goodies! :)

So last but not least, her name. It was a big decision! I was pretty sure her name would be Quinn but Jeremiah was just not a lover. He didn't have any better suggestions so I told him to get online & look at names. When we went to sleep Friday night he called her Amelia (which I loved) & so I thought that was it. Then on Saturday morning we went back & forth between Quinn, Amelia & Adelyn. After a call from his sister he was suddenly pretty much decided on Olivia, which I thought was humorous since I'd LOVED that name when I was pg w/Ellie, and he hated the name. If he'd liked the name then, Ellie probably would've been named Olivia. Anyway, the final choice was down to Adelyn & Olivia. I finally just told him to choose since he seemed pretty set on Olivia even though I wasn't loving it. I'd learn to love it. He left to go switch cars & get the infant seat & when he got back he said we should both write down our choice & then we'd show each other. He looked at mine first. I wrote "you choose." He threw his choice in the garbage since I wasn't playing fair. I finally got out of him that he'd written Adelyn. So that was it. That's how to choose a name Divis-style! :)

Adelyn Jeanne Divis

Adelyn (pronounced Add-a-lin) because we like it. Jeanne (pronounced Jean) after my middle name. Jeremiah pretty much insisted (I've never really liked my middle name). It's sweet of him.

We love our sweet baby girl!

12 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

I love that Jeremiah went to work.

Also, in the last photo it says 12:58pm, not 12:38. Just FYI!

Love you, love her.

Trina said...

AW!! I love me a good birth story! Congratulations, I am so glad that it went so smoothly! You look SOOOOO cute with that big belly in that first pic! I LOVE pregnant bellies and yours is perfect! Good luck with recovery and transition! Your babies are beautiful!

Tera said...

What a great birthing experience. I'm jealous! HE HE HE. Congratulations. She is adorable! And you look fantastic.

Heidi said...

Absolutely beautiful story, Hillary!!! It made me all teary-eyed. I love the nameyou picked, too. So sweet!!! And, what an awesome laboring experience for you! Congrats to you and your family!!! :) BTW, STILL one of the cutest pregnant ladies I have ever seen!! ;)

Brit and Summer said...

Congrats Divis Family! She is so beautiful! I'm so glad it was such an awesome experience for you!

Dansie Family said...

she is beautiful!!! the name is too. 2 of my friends have adelyns, although i am partial to amelia. I love the story. and i love the fact that you looked so beautiful after the birth, i guess you could because it was so casual. glad you enjoyed your mini vaca! congrats!!!!

Molly said...

She's so adorable! I love all that cute hair!

Julie and Stephen Barnes said...

Oh she is so beautiful! Congratulations!!!

Jamiecrafts said...

congrats, she is so cute! love how you picked the name ;) ;)

Kayleigh said...

Alright, now my future kids really don't have a chance against yours. They are all too cute!

I can't believe how you guys picked her name... too silly! I'm definitely naming all of mine, no question about it!

Richelle said...

So precious! I'm glad everything went so well!

Janelle Day said...

Love the details :) Amazing that you got that 8 lb baby out in 2 pushes!! I am glad that Jack is taking it well. Was this the first that you didn't find out the sex? I love that they announced it was a girl in Callie's class. What fun times. Hope you are getting some sleep. She is a sweetheart and I love the name!