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Sunday, January 02, 2011

Happy New Year!

When our tentative New Year's Eve plans got cancelled we decided to have a family game night at home with the kids. To start the evening off we made pizza. All the kids got to help put the cheese & toppings on. Unfortunately the pizza was disgusting, due to a last minute pizza sauce I threw together! LOL Not a good recipe. We had sparkling lemonade with it since that's what we had in the fridge & I'd forgotten to get Martinelli's, even though Jeremiah had been at the store & had Welch's sparkling stuff in hand (the Martinellie's was sold out at WalMart) & I'd said I'd get the Martinelli's from Target! LOL Oops! We also had Cool Ranch Doritos - Callie's request! I'd told each of the kids they could choose an appetizer for us to have on New Year's Eve & that was Callie's! :)

While the pizza was baking Jeremiah lit a bunch of fireworks outside with the kids. Fireworks have just recently become legal in AZ so this was a first. The kids LOVED it!

Onto the game portion of our evening. First up, Trouble.

Jeremiah & Ellie were on a team. I love how Ellie has to lay on the bubble to pop it!

Unfortunately there was a lot of crying during the game. Callie was being a major poor sport & would cry if she got sent home or do a mean laugh if she sent someone else home. She spent part of the game in time out. It was a test of patience for Jeremiah & I.

Next we played Toy Story Yahtzee. That went much better than Trouble had & no tears were shed.

For a treat we did fondue with the kids. We dipped gummy bears (Jack's appetizer request), pretzels, marshmallows, bananas, & PB Oreos.

At 9 we did our countdown with noisemakers & the little bottle confetti poppers. Callie mouthed off & was acting especially bratty & the evening ended in tears. Callie's. And mine. Because I was so frustrated with my 6 year old.

We put the kids to bed & Jeremiah & I watched tv together. We watched stuff like Myth Busters, American Pickers & Pawn Stars (Jeremiah was driving). A show ended & I happened to see that it was exactly midnight. We said Happy New Year to each other, did a quick kiss, & watched another show before going to bed. I hope your New Year's Eve was as exciting as ours! LOL

It was really sweet of Jeremiah when he thanked me for planning a fun family night. I thought he was joking in light of all the tears & time-outs, but he wasn't. That stuff just happens in a family & there are still plenty of good things to cancel out the sadder or angrier moments. I just have to remember that. I love my children & my husband so much!

Happy New Year!

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Heidi said...

My 6 and 7 year olds test me on a daily basis, so I completely know what you're going through! I'm just happy that someone is honest about their kids being normal kids. Most people act like their family/kids are perfect. Bleh! I don't buy that! :)