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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Embellished Tee: with Multi-Layered Flowers {I made it!}

A blog I follow is Make It & Love It. I look at a lot of crafty blogs & keep all the good posts in my reader, but I rarely end up actually making the stuff that I love. I saw
this shirt a little bit ago on MI-LI & when I saw it again the other day I decided I was going to do it! I'm so excited about how mine turned out! It's such an awesome feeling to end up with something that looks good that you've made yourself! The only bad thing about it is that I would normally wear a M but I got an XL to cover my gigantic belly, so the top/armpit area doesn't fit like it should. I have to do more adjusting than I would ever do if I were wearing a normal fitting shirt. Ah, the joys of pregnancy!

5 talk to me:

Trina said...

Wow! That looks professional! And you look so cute pregnant! I love me some belly! Loved your Christmas posts too. I particularly like the idea to give the jammies for thanksgiving.

Heidi said...

Seriously?! You made this? That's awesome! Looks like it came from a nice clothing store! And, I agree with Trina...you are super cute as a pregnant lady! :)

James and Audra said...

I was thinking about making that top too. I saw it and loved it, I might just give it a try. It looks awesome. Audra

Westbrooks said...

Love it, but I would have loved to make one too lol. It adorable!

jamie said...

so cute, I guess you'll have to do a class for abby and i and make another one for you for when your NOT preggo anymore :)