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Monday, January 17, 2011


One of my favorite little breaks during a day is going down my blog reader to see who's posted. Today I am STOKED because one of the craft blogs I like (Make It and Love It) talked about today's GroopDealz offering! I've bought something before off of GroopDealz & I think it's a pretty cool site. So for today's deal: dah dah dah dahhhhh......

Capture My Heart Hand Stamped Necklace!

I'm super excited about this because a necklace this type was on my Christmas/birthday (next week!) list. I know Jeremiah didn't really know where to start b/c if you look at hand stamped necklaces on etsy it's overwhelming! There's a huge range of prices & styles. And if you look on non-etsy sites they're pretty pricey. Plus since we don't yet know what our last little name on the necklace will be that made options difficult. So the awesome thing about this is that a] it's 1/2 priced & b] if I understand correctly, what I'm buying is a 1/2 priced coupon that I have to redeem by a certain date, so I can order the necklace in a few days (crossing my fingers) when I have this baby! :) Yay!!!

Go buy one!

3 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

I love groopdealz, but it gets me in trouble.

Also, try groupon. I got a $10 coupon for coldstone for $5. sweet, eh?

Morgan said...

So I just told Corky that he doesn't have to worry about a V-day gift for me because I was ordering myself this! Thanks for posting, I can't wait to get mine. It is exactly what I like!

I also used groupon and got $60 worth of blurbbook credit for $20.

I wouldn't consider myself a sucker for these things because I only purchase the things that I truly could use or really want. Those websites are great for those kind of purchases.

Heidi said...

Totally awesome!! Love it!