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Monday, January 03, 2011

Blog Comments tip

My sister had this on her blog & I think it's a great tip so I'm reposting her repost. Basically I'm saying you should all change your blog settings because we all ask each other questions from time to time in comments or say things that the blog owner would love to comment back to just us on & it would be nice for the person you're asking to be able to just hit reply. I know I'd respond to people's questions if I could do that. But since I haven't been able to I usually just ignore them.

You can see the original post

Do you all receive notification to your email when someone comments on your blog? Did you know you can just hit reply to that comment? If the email address is not connected it will show the address of noreply-comment@blogger.com. If they do choose to show their email address you can reply directly to their comment!

Here's how to do it: (if you're using the blogger platform)
Go to Dashboard
You should see your profile on the left hand side.
Click Edit Profile
Under Privacy go to the 3rd choice down from the top
Check the box that says 'Show my email address'

You got all that? Now please go change your settings!

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