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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Our Big Boy!

Eventually we're going to have to stop giving Jack candy bars every time he poops on the toilet! :) A couple days ago I sent him in his room to put a pull-up on & he came out instead with underwear on & he stayed dry after that & even pooped on the toilet - twice! And yesterday was the same! (He's showing us his muscles & sweet pirate tatoo here!)

We read the Berenstein Bears & the Messy Room the other night before bed & Jack listened really well that time! As I was getting to the last page he said he needed to clean up his room (which wasn't too bad) & he got up & started putting things away! It was great! We had to make him stop cleaning so we could have prayer & put them to bed!

Jeremiah took Jack on his first father/son campout last weekend! Jack talked about getting to go the whole week before & was totally excited about hanging out with his daddy! Jer thought it would be fun for them to sleep out under the stars in the bed of the truck but Jack ended up keeping Jeremiah up all night because he was scared! Of course Jer's having Jack show his muscles again! Must be a guy thing!

Jack is so cute in the mornings (besides most other times too)! We've said before "It's sunny out today!" so now Jack says every day "It's the sun of the day!" Someday I'll record him saying some of the funny things he says because his voice is just so cute & funny! He also asked me a question the other day while we were having dinner & when I didn't answer because I had food in my mouth he asked me again so I answered anyway. Then he says to me, "Don't talk with food in your mouth mom! It's rude!" A cute thing that he does is that if he's saying the prayer before a meal I'll tell him to say, "Please bless the food," or our breakfast or whatever meal & instead of repeating it verbatim he says, "Please bless the macaroni & cheese & oranges," or whatever food we're eating!

2 talk to me:

La Familia Mata said...

What a stud! Love that he individually addresses each food item in his blessing. Such attention to detail!

trina said...

so cute!
what a character! jonny was telling us all about jack. he sounds awesome!