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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mr. Mischief

We were grocery shopping around lunch time earlier this week & I figured I'd pick up some lunch on the way home but in the frozen food section the kids saw Kids' Cuisine & wanted them & I figured why not - I'd spend the same on them that I would buying fast food & both are probably equally unhealthy but I'd be cutting out a stop. They thought it was SO cool that they each got to pick out their very own lunch! They went ga-ga over the pudding with sprinkles on it for dessert! :)

That same morning Jack pooped on the toilet for the first time! This is huge for us because we have been trying for MONTHS to get him to do this! He always says he's scared. It's been annoying me that everybody is pushing him to get potty trained because when he's ready he'll do it, but at the same time I'm getting super annoyed having to smell him and then change his poopy pull-ups! His Uncle Kenny had told him that if he pooped on the toilet he'd get him a candy bar, so after he did the landmark poop he right away said, "Do I get a candy bar?" YES! We got him one when we were out & he made a huge mess out of enjoying it! I showed him how to give me thumbs up & he had to try several times. He'd get it & then do something else with his hands & forget how he got his thumb like that! :) Of course he hasn't pooped on the toilet again since then, but that fact that he's done it once is very encouraging!

Here's some more of Jack's silly faces. The thing I think is funniest about them is that they're not just occassion faces - these are regulars around our house - all the time! Even if he's playing by himself he makes these faces!

He's such a mischievious kid! I don't know if it's cause he's a boy or if it's just his personality or a mix of both (& probably his age too), but he is always making mischief! Callie never colored on a wall or anything, but Jack has colored on walls, floors, bodies, dishes, important papers, furniture, you name it! He doesn't give a crap about me telling him not to do something. Not only is he going to do what he wants, lots of times he makes sure I know he's gonna do what he wants! It's hard to stay on top of him when he's constantly doing things he's been taught not to do! It's especially hard when I'm nursing to do anything. It's gotta be something pretty bad for me to get up in the middle of feeding Ellie! I've mentioned his sense of humor. I think he's smart. One day Callie was playing with some little plastic jewels she has & Jack wanted them & she didn't want him to have them so he grabbed them & tossed them & they were scattered. Okay, typical, right? Every kid does that. So Callie gathers them up & has them in this little pile that she's hovering over & he's a couple feet away from her & he says, "there's one!" So Callie looks in the direction he's pointing & jumps up to look for it & the second she left her pile he swooped them up & ran out with them as fast as he could! How many 2 1/2 year-olds are smart enough to trick their older sister?! Like I said, mischievious!

2 talk to me:

Evonne said...

Your kids are darling! I wish you lived closer so we could play! :)

Janelle said...

Wow at least Jack won't be pushed around by Callie. Yeah having a boy scares me for that exact reason, mischeviousness (I'm not even sure if that is a word, but it still scares me). What do you do with a kid that "wants" to get in trouble,? That is hard. But at least he is cute.