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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Callie's Birthday List

A compilation of wants (some real, some not):

- wheelbarrow (Weird, I know! We have a kid-sized winnie-the-pooh one already but she wants one that she doesn't have to share with anybody. I told her we share because we love people & we can just share the wheelbarrow!)

- Princess coat

- Princess bike

- camera

- big girl bouncy seat that makes music (She like's Ellie's)

- very own real phone - pink all over just like mom's

- Ariel radio (and she said I need to get online to find it)

- very own workbook to do all by herself - a princess one

- a swing like Ellie's that makes music

- a picture of her when she was little & young

- a butterfly puzzle (from Lakeshore Learning Center)

- a raven game that doesn't have any raven on it (I think she just means a game. she saw this one at the store & thought it looked awesome:)
- Pink Lego set
- Princess Bella Dancerella
- skates
- Tub time foam activity set
- a doll stroller

3 talk to me:

The Mikkelsen Family said...

so many gifts...Emily wants princess everything!

Janelle said...

Wow what a list. Can you imagine how much more messy our houses would be if we really got them everything they "want". Truth is they probably wouldn't even play with half of the stuff they think they want. Good luck shopping.

shannon said...

wishful little girl...i love that she's picked out exactly what she wants. collin just wants celery ( like the wonderpets) and his b-day isn't until december!