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Friday, May 09, 2008

Ellie's 2 months!

I can't believe it's only been 2 months since Ellie was born! Life is hectic right now, as you can imagine from my lack of posting! Yesterday somebody ask me how I spend my day. This was my yesterday: nurse, feed the kids, nurse, visiting teachers, nurse, feed my kids lunch, nurse, some yardwork, nurse, throw together the rest of my mutual stuff, go to YW presidency mtg & mutual, nurse, relax, nurse, go to bed! So that's why I don't have time to update my blog! Because when I'm not nursing & doing normal mom stuff, I have a to-do list that keeps getting things added to it & not much getting crossed off! So anyway, here's our little sweetheart! She is seriously a great baby! She is very happy most of the time & she is totally cool with her big brother & sister fussing over her all the time. Jack utterly adores her! He's always saying to her in this very sweet voice, "Oh my sweetheart." Or "Oh, my precious." :) He's a keeper! They all are! Sad story - we went to Chili's for dinner last weekend & got these jalepeno cheese fries as an appetizer. Ellie was getting fussy so I figured she was ready to eat so I went to feed her & she suddenly starts screaming bloody murder! For at least 5 minutes! I just couldn't calm her down! Once she settled down & fell asleep I went back in to eat & we concluded I must have touched her with my jalepeno fingers or something & either her eye was burning or her mouth? Sad huh? Well then tonight we had pizza for dinner & Jeremiah likes crushed red peppers on his. He finished first & took Ellie in the other room & all of a sudden the same bloody murder cries. I'm assuming it's the same thing. Poor girl! We'll teach her yet to hold her spicy! :)

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3 talk to me:

Dansie Family said...

time flies!

Janelle said...

I love it when they can smile. I can't believe that you are keeping your head above water and still doing your calling. That is a hard calling to have when you have a new baby and 2 kids. Good job. I bet in some ways it is nice to get away from the kids, but also just one more thing to add to your already full plate. Your doing awesome!

shannon said...

oh, i could just eat her up! she's so so so cute!