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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Cool Stuff

We got a new computer several weeks ago & I'm so glad to once again have the full version of Outlook instead of Outlook Express! I haven't used Outlook since I was a working girl & the version we have now is even newer than what I had, so I was STOKED to discover the RSS directory function in Outlook! My friend Janelle shared her discovery of Google Reader a while ago, & this is even better (for me anyway)! If you see this little orange button on your internet toolbar that means the blog (or other site) offers this feature. So I just copy & paste the feed's URL into my Outlook's RSS directory & botta-bing botta bang! No more checking a million blogs only to discover they haven't been updated! Now I can see when somebody's updated & I can read it right from Outlook w/out even opening my browser! I love it!

Here's another cool thing I recently discovered. Squid Soap! It helps kids with handwashing because it inks their hand when they press on the pump to get soap & they have to wash long enough to get the ink off. Callie & Jack both think it's really cool. We got it at Target in case you think it's cool too.

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Dansie Family said...

i've been wanting to try that soap.