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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More great stuff!

First I'd like to say that squid soap sucks after all! The red dot only lasted a few days. Now the ink's all dried up so it's just soap w/out a dot. The kids prefer to use the honey scented soap that I got from WalMart that's supposed to look/smell like the high-end stuff from B&BWorks. It smells more honey-ish but it's nice. Jack likes to put it on & have me pretend to be Pooh Bear & eat him! :)

But here's something I'm STOKED about!!! Seriously almost deliriously happy about! Most of you won't appreciate this like I do because you probably live in an area where you can actually go to these stores whenever you fancy, but I have had to succumb to online shipping charges so this makes me so happy I could dance! Introducing "Shopping made simple!" Shop one store or four and pay only one $7 flat shipping rate. How brilliant is that?!!! I don't shop at BR or Piperlime so I don't care about those 2, but I'm pretty dang excited about the others! Totally brilliant!!!

Okay, here's the other new thing I think is totally cool! del.icio.us! Check out the clip on social networking- I can't imagine you won't think it's awesome too!

3 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

Isn't there a little plastic lid you're supposed to replace on the top of the inkdroplet thingy? or maybe if you have your kids wet their hands first and then get soap, they'll moisten the inkpad.

I've seen del.icio.us around on a few things for a year or so, but that vid. was an awesome explanation. I'm going to start converting my bookmarks to my del.icio.us acct.

shannon said...

i'm with you on the shipping thing...i just bought some clothes from ON and got great shipping...it was only $5 for me though! woot woot!

Chelsea said...

Look what I found on the FAQ page of squidsoap:

What do I do if the marker runs dry?
The marker is designed to last through the entire bottle of soap but it will eventually run out of ink. If it goes dry before the soap is all gone you can often get it to continue marking by simply adding a drop of water to the marker.