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Monday, June 02, 2008


My life seems to be going a mile a minute right now! I have a busy day (by my standards anyway, not most people's probably!) today so I shouldn't even be doing this! Here's what we've been up to:
  • Date night (with Ellie) to see Indiana Jones. Ellie gagged really loud & threw up a ton & the people around us were saying eww! Caught it mostly with a bib but it soaked through & was dripping down the theater floor! Then she pooped out both legs (hadn't had one that bad yet!) but since there were only 30 mins left & we weren't on an aisle I put a diaper wipe between us to shield me from further injury - I already had poop soaked through my jeans! Thank goodness they were a really dark rinse! Other than those things it was a great movie! :)

  • Got a new camera! FINALLY! I've been plannin on buying a DSLR for a year & 1/2 but couldn't decide what to get & had cold feet. I finally took the plunge & got a Nikon D40 & so far I LOVE IT! And all I've used it on so far is auto!

  • Jackson wore underwear all last week with not too many accidents! It's amazing that one day he's too scared to poop in the toilet & the next (well almost next) he's wearing underwear full time during the day! He's even stayed dry the last 2 nights! Awesome!

  • Jeremiah taught Jack to pee in the backyard! I really am fine with this except that now Jack won't hardly keep his underwear on once he gets outside! And on Friday Callie came inside to let me know that Jack had pooped on a rock! I went outside to check things out & Jack was standing at a corner of the shed & I just didn't see any poop where he was standing. I soon discovered I was standing in it! Disgusting! I got it off my shoe but there's a green stain on the flagstone!

  • Callie is dancing & prancing around the house to the point of ridiculousness! We sing the "Family Prayer" song every night just before having family prayer & she'll ask me to start over singing so she can dance. It's like that all the time. She can't just sing a song, she must dance! :) She's getting ready for a dance recital this Saturday!

  • Ellie has started getting quite vocal! She is doing lots of squealing & babbling! She has the happiest smiles. I feel so fortunate to have another sweet happy baby!

  • Drained & refilled the hottub & set up a new little pool for the kids on Friday & Saturday & the whole family played outside. I got my first sunburn of the summer!
  • Callie had her first ever primary activity day on Saturday morning & she loved it! They wrote letters to missionaries & played a game. She brought an extra cookie & bottle of water home for Jack.

  • Date night to buy food storage stuff! Jeremiah came home from a meeting a week ago & said it was time to get serious about it. We had a few things, but this past week we bought some big metal shelves & a year supply of some things. We've got a ways to go.

  • Today's our 7th anniversary! We can't believe it's been 7 (wonderful) years!

Today I have a mountain of laundry to fold & put away (the worst part), a home to tidy up, an anniversary dinner & dessert to plan & make, probably a trip to the grocery store, and fhe to plan & have, so I'm out of time!

5 talk to me:

trina said...

wow, i'm really impressed. super mom. i'm barely making it on one little new born who is nothing but an angel! :)

Chelsea said...

Oh. my. gosh.

Dansie Family said...

you know your kids will never forgive you for those photos. cute anyway. we splurged on the d40 last year and i love it. i mostly use auto. what are your meal plans for the anniversary? i always love a good idea. oh yea, and keep up the good work.

Janelle said...

I love it. I can't believe that you stepped in his poop, I mean dog poop is gross enough, thanks for the laugh. Isn't it amazing how when it finally clicks potty training can be almost instantaneous. I mean I feel like Camille has been potty trained forever and it has actually only been a few weeks, it is heaven.

Richelle said...

those pictures are so cute! i am definitely jealous of your camera! good for you. and also i'm impressed about your food storage. jason and i have been working on it but aren't quite where we need to be yet.