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Thursday, June 26, 2008

CA weekend trip

We hadn't visited Jeremiah's brothers in CA for a while so we to Huntington Beach on Father's Day weekend. It always seems like such a quick trip! We got to Jason's/Richelle's (Jer's bro & his wife) house after 1am Friday morning! Once we got up & going on Friday we had lunch at BJ's Pizza with Jer's uncle Andy, aunt Didi, & their family Andi, Tyler, Jason, & Alison.

After lunch we went back to Andy/Didi's & visited. Jack & Callie were in heaven playing with the kids!

That night we went back to Jas/Rich's house & Justin, Jamie & Katelyn (Jer's bro, his wife, & daughter) came over. Jeremiah was really excited to have El Pollo Loco for dinner! You'd think we'd have one of those here, but not so! Here's Jeremiah w/the girls! Katelyn is vision impaired so she couldn't wait to hold Ellie since she hadn't met her before! Katelyn sang her songs & was so cute with her! She also loves her Uncle Jeremiah & his loud truck (plus the smell of the exhaust! One of her favorite smells is the exhaust on the Disney tram!)! :)

On Saturday morning we went down to Main Street (in HB) to visit Justin at his store. When we lived in CA Jeremiah & Justin had this space but they sold cell phones & were part of the Yakety Yak franchise. Since we've moved, Justin has gotten rid of cell phones & his store is now The Alley where he sells TapouT apparel. This store has lots of memories for us! You can stand in it & touch both walls w/your hands to give you an idea of the size. This is where Jeremiah practically lived for the first couple years of our marriage! He was a slave to the store & worked long hours every day trying to make it successful. No regrets moving to AZ though! And Justin has done a great job revamping it & making it a cooler looking store (the faux brick, the graffiti, the lights, everything!).

Right outside Justin's store was this car. It's no surprise that I don't have the faintest idea what kind of car it is, but every guy on main street was excited to check it out. At one point Justin got in it & started it up & I thought it was the loudest most annoying thing & Jeremiah said that he'd overheard tons of guys saying they wanted to hear the engine! The difference between men & women! Jack had a good time checking it out & pressing buttons that he probably shouldn't have been touching! :)

While the brothers hung out at the store, Richelle, Jamie, Katelyn, Callie, Ellie & I met at Europa Nail Studio. Richelle & I got pedicures & Callie & Katelyn got manicures! Richelle held Ellie most of the time & then Jamie changed her diaper for me so my pedicure was GREAT! :)

This was Callie's first manicure & she thought it was AWESOME! She was beaming the entire time! She surprised me by choosing a red polish. I tried to suggest some pinks but she was set on red! :) Her nail lady painted little white flowers on some of her fingers. Callie's been so good about not picking off the polish like she usually does! It's been 2 weeks & she's still got quite a bit left & she's still showing off her nails to everyone!

Richelle, Jamie & Katelyn have been going to this place for a while so everyone knew them & Katelyn got star treatment! :) She was so cute! It makes me sad that we don't see them very often because we barely know our niece! Here's Katelyn snuggling with Richelle while Jamie's changing Ellie! :)

To wrap up our trip we went to see The Incredible Hulk with Andy/Didi & Jason/Richelle. I hadn't especially wanted to see it but I figured at least Edward Norton's a good actor. I was pleasantly surprised! I totally like the movie! And Ellie behaved perfectly through the whole thing! We even ended up sitting behind an old friend! What were the chances of that?! We headed home Sunday morning & that was that! We had a great time visiting our family & we're looking forward to visiting again in a few months!

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shannon said...

How fun! I'm so ready for a vacation, it's not even funny! and fun for Callie to get a manicure!