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Thursday, June 26, 2008

12 on the 12th

Thursday, June 12th:

We were getting ready for a trip to CA so I totally forgot to get my pictures! Here's the ones I did get!

I got the kids one of the big sets of sidewalk chalk & they're going through it very quickly! It doesn't help that they throw it down & break it on purpose! Our patio is littered with chalk pieces! I can't remember if I've already said this, but I let my kids use sidewalk chalk that doesn't say washable on it & it stained! Just fyi!

Every year for father's day I make a couple new pages for the father's day albums I started a few years ago for Jeremiah & our dads. I'm the biggest procrastinator ever & this is me trying to get the pages done the day we're leaving town! Not a great idea! After we got home the stuff was still on the table for almost a week. I finally cleaned off the table but the pages are still not finished 2 weeks later (because I haven't worked on them!)!

One of the few activities Ellie does most days! At least she enjoys her bouncer!

Jackson is potty trained! He loves going potty on the toilet (and in the backyard!)!

Headed to CA! Jack slept a lot more than Callie. In Barstow (at 11!) Callie got out of her seat & climbed up to the front to dance on Jer's seat while he was in getting some snacks & drinks. Callie fell asleep within minutes of leaving Barstow!

1:20 AM! We finally got to Jason & Richelle's house & the kids went right to bed!

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Richelle said...

We had so much fun! I love that picture of Jack in the off-road thing (I don't know that name of it either). His smile is hilarious! I love your kids.