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Monday, March 24, 2008

Whirlwind month

So things have been pretty crazy around here, but would you expect anything less? Jeremiah's mom & dad came the weekend before Ellie was born & his mom just left on Saturday (his dad left a few days after Ellie came). It was WONDERFUL having his mom here so long! She kept house, did yardwork, played with Callie & Jack, took care of me (I was able to get lots of naps!), and was just a huge help! Life will definitely be more work now that she's gone. Tara was here for a week too & spent lots of time playing with the kids & also helping out (and my mom's been really helpful too!). My mom and Tara have brought us several wonderful meals and I'm lucky to still have my mom close by to help when I need it. So we're adjusting, but I need several more hours in the day (& more consecutive hours of sleep at night!). Chelsea keeps bugging me to get her more pictures but it's not like I have a lot of free time (or any?) so that's why I'm just now getting some pictures up. Anyway, enjoy!

Ellie is SO sweet & cute!

Callie at Story Time again. Isn't she darling?!

Jack's a funny little guy. I didn't know until him that a 2 year old could have a sense of humor, but he most definitely does! We love it!

Jackson is constantly giving Ellie kisses & hugs. He can't keep his lips off her! Up until recently, almost every time he kissed her he'd say "I wuv babies!" Now he only says it maybe every 3 kisses! :) And he's starting to throw in there that he "wuvs" our baby. He's such a good big brother!

Callie is always asking if she can help me with Ellie. She's a bossy girl & loves to feel important (although who doesn't) so I let her help me as much as I can. She's especially good at throwing away diapers!

Callie's big enough now that she can ride the little midget 4-wheeler all by herself. She LOVES it!

I finally got new glasses! I wanted to be able to see in the middle of the night but I was getting so tired of my contacts sticking for the first half of each feeding!

Jack had been kind of quiet so I went in their room to check on him & found him just chillin' with a book! How cute!

My lousy camera & photography skills do NOT do this justice! Ellie looked SO cute in her little jumpsuit & bunny-ear hat I could have eaten her up!

This is Ellie chillin' at In 'N' Out. I just couldn't help myself with those glasses - aren't they fun?!

This is Jer's sister Tabetha & our niece Sophie at In 'N' Out. Tabby flew in (to Vegas) Monday night and planned on driving back to WA with Jer's mom on Thursday. Instead she spent half her time here in the hospital with Sophie who became severely dehydrated after throwing up tons because of a concussion from 3 good whacks to the head from falling! And to liven things up Tabby ended up with either food poisoning or a flu bug & spent a night puking her brains out! Their drive home was delayed & they weren't able to leave till Saturday. What a terrible, expensive trip Tabetha had! I bet it will be a while before she comes to visit again!

Jeremiah's mom! We miss her already!


5 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

Hill, you are so cute and such a great mom. seriously, look how adorable all your kidlets are. I love your new glasses and the ones for Ellie-bellie are even cuter. Dad told me last night that mom and Ken got food poisoning from In-n-out, too. Looks like they had a bad batch of meat or something. I wonder how many other people got sick.

And without all my nagging, you'd never get those pictures off your camera! I'll take my own this weekend, though. Thanks for the cutest easter baby ever!

Chelsea said...

oh, and holy cow your hair is long!

Janelle said...

I love the bows that your girls have. That is so great that both Jack and Callie love being an older sibling. Your kiddos are so cute.

Molly Riggs said...

aww.. that bunny hat is too cute!

Dansie Family said...

what a super cute family. i especially love that bunny.