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Sunday, March 02, 2008

No news is not good news

I'm still pregnant. We're all making bets now about when it'll happen. If I weren't so uncomfortable I wouldn't be so anxious to finally go into labor! With Callie & Jackson I didn't have any painful contractions until I was actually in labor, but this time I've had plenty of them for weeks. It's just getting old! My prediction is that it will happen on Wednesday. Because my Dr. told me to make an appt. for early next week (Tuesday) and said that he'll induce me. And I'm figuring he'd induce me on Wednesday morning rather than Tuesday evening. So basically I'm thinking it won't happen until we do it by force! :)

One good thing about still being pregnant, at least until last night, was that I didn't miss my 2nd surprise shower! I guess for mutual 2 Thursdays ago they had a surprise shower for me, but that's when I was super sick so I didn't make it to it! They had cake & played games anyway & the girls all told me they had a great time at my shower! :) Then yesterday morning my mom called me & told me that my visiting teaching partner wanted to take my mom, Jer's mom (his parents got into town Friday night), & me to lunch because I guess I was supposed to get back to her (my partner) on throwing me a shower but I didn't realize I was supposed to be getting back to her & anyway my mom said she felt bad so that's why she wanted to take us all to lunch. So my mom arranged to pick Jill & I up just before noon & then we'd go get Shanna. Anyway, we got to Shanna's & there were balloons & people & it turned out to be a shower for me! I have to admit, I'd become a little suspicious. I think I'd be a great detective! :) So I kind of thought I might be going to a shower. It was seriously so cool though that I was given a surprise shower! I got way too much stuff - I'm totally spoiled! Unfortunately the only pictures that were taken were with my mom's camera on her phone! But I got some really cute outfits & lots of diapers & some dang cute socks & other little things & also a claw-foot baby tub! No kidding! It's the cutest infant tub I've ever seen! I haven't looked at the directions for the stuff that came with the tub, but apparently it's a little baby spa! So I guess it's a good thing that I hadn't had the baby because I would have been 0-2 on the surprise showers! :)

5 talk to me:

shannon said...

how fun...new baby stuff is the best! i really hope she comes soon, i am dying to see what she looks like!

Evonne said...

It's a race to the finihs - who will have their baby first? I'd be okay with it being either of us - I know (first hand) how miserable the last weeks are. Here's to hoping they come on the same day, how's that? :) Good luck!

Chelsea said...

i can't wait! i want to come down when she's born....dang stupid work!

shannon said...

i heard the good news yesterday, i can't wait to see her! i hope it all went well!

Janelle said...

Wow I can't believe that you had any showers. I had none with Maddie. How fun that it was a "surprise".