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Friday, March 21, 2008

Egg Decorating

This is the first year I did eggs with the kids & they had a great time! They were both really funny & cute about it. Callie wanted to scribble with the wax crayon on all the eggs. She did a pretty good job getting the eggs into the dye, whereas Jack, even though I tried so many times to show him how to hold the dipper, ended up with his eggs plopping into the dye, splattering dye all over & cracking the eggs! :) His problem with the dipper was that he was holding it upside down. He could successfully get the egg to the top of the dye cup, but it's a little hard to lower it into the cup if the dipper's upside down! One egg was so badly cracked that we peeled it right away & ate it. I guess I'm a bad mom cause I can't remember ever feeding my kids hard boiled eggs before (besides in egg salad sandwiches), but they both really liked it.

Jack at that point was done with the eggs (he wasn't real interested in putting stickers on them) and just wanted to eat more! I looked over & he was salt & peppering his own yolk (the only part he got out)! He was so funny to watch try & get the eggs peeled. He started out by squeezing them really hard & he kept asking me to help him squeeze eggs (instead of peel them).

Callie finished stickering & was ready to eat another. She'd been working on an egg for a couple of minutes when I hear some very loud crunching! I guess she did the best she could & then just took a big bite off the top - pieces of shell & all! I laughed so hard! I don't think that egg was as enjoyable for her as the first one that I fed them! :) We had fun!

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