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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Callie-ism (and even stuff from Jack!)

Callie was having a rough day so I took her in her room & we had a little talk. Our little talk was funny. Poor Callie!

Me: What's the matter Callie? Are you tired of all the company or are you having a hard time with the new baby.
Callie: Well there's a lot of company but I'm just getting a little tired of the baby.
Me: Is it because everybody wants to hold her or because Mama has to spend so much time taking care of her?
Callie: Because everybody wants to hold her all the time. I know it would be difficult to get rid of the baby but I'm just getting a little tired of the baby.
Me: I'm sorry Callie. We're not going to get rid of the baby. She's part of our family now & she's going to stay with us forever.
Callie: I really love babies but I'm just getting a little tired of the baby.

One morning Jack says to Jonny "You're my best friend Uncle Jonny. Will you get me some cereal please?" After Jack had started eating the cereal Jonny asked if he was his best friend. Jack said, "No, you're not my best friend."

Jack loves to tease! He kept calling Jeremiah's dad Jonny. At first we wondered if Jack was just confused but we soon realized that Jack was purposely teasing (and it totally annoyed Jer's dad! haha!). After Jer's dad found out Jack was trying to tease him he'd call Jack Sam. So as soon as Jack was called Sam he'd use the right name for Jeremiah's dad! Jackson does this little game with my brothers too, who both get really annoyed when you call them by the other one's name!

Jack told me earlier that he didn't want to take a nap today and that he's happy (cause lots of times I tell him he needs to take a nap so he can be happy when he wakes up). Then a little later I told him it was time for a nap and he said in this sing song voice that he didn't want to take a nap and he ran out the back door! I was trying to feed Ellie & couldn't run after him so I just laughed. I guess he's not taking a nap today! And then there's Callie who doesn't take naps anymore but went & just laid down in her bed a while ago & is now fast asleep! :)

I think this picture of Jack is so funny - he's always making the funniest faces or giving cheesy smiles!

Having Jonny here is like having another kid sometimes! :) Callie walked by once & tapped Jonny so he hit her (not hard) & she started crying so when Jeremiah asked why he hit her he said that Callie did it first! This kind of thing happens a lot! And I'm constantly hearing "quit teasing me" or "Jonny's teasing me" from both of my children!

Tara had taken the kids somewhere & was pulling into the driveway & something was in the way & I don't know if Tara mentioned it was Jonny or if Callie just jumped to the conclusion on her own but she said "stupid Jonny!" and Jack chimed in with "yeah, stupid Jonny!" Okay, Jeremiah's really got to stop saying that! LOL

Jonny's going to be here for about 3 more weeks & even though he & the kids "fight" quite a bit, they love him so much & will miss him when he's gone! They like to include him in their bedtime hugs & kisses & last night when Jack was going to bed he said "I love you Jonny!" Not that that was a first, it was just so cute when he said it last night.

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Janelle said...

I love how Callie wants to give the baby away. It really must be so hard for the kids to have to share their mommy with a baby. Your kids are funny. It is a good thing they make us laugh, I know it gets me through the rough days.