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Thursday, March 13, 2008

12 on the 12th

Wednesday, March 12th

I love having a newborn! Even though I'm totally sleep-deprived & it's a lot of work, I look at Ellie & I just love her! She's one week old!

Spending some time outside with the kids. I love Jack's get-up! Both my kids LOVE their galoshes (no, these ones are NOT Jack's!) and usually choose to wear them over other shoes when they're going out in the yard to play. We're having gorgeous weather!

Callie is constantly saying "look what I can do!" or "watch me do a trick!" She's showing me her newest "trick" - jumping with one leg straight & one leg bent.

Aunt TT (my sis Tara) took the kids to Story Time at the library for me. We go to the Wednesday morning 11:00 slot because the other 2 times have so many more children at them. The theme this week was fish.

After Story Time, Grammy (Jer's mom), Ellie & I met Tara, Callie & Jack at the park for lunch.

Who doesn't love the swings?! Especially when you can swing with your grandma & aunt! Unfortunately shortly after this picture was taken Jack was dropped on the ground! LOL (he was fine).

Callie & Jack love to help us with Ellie. They were rocking her & singing to her in her carseat while she took a little nap.

Jeremiah had to go back to the Dr. this morning because after 2 1/2 weeks of antibiotics he was still not getting over his bronchitis! He got a different antibiotic prescription this time.

Jeremiah's mom is taking the best care of our home & yard! Our yard hasn't been so clean & tidy in a LONG time! I think we're gonna have to put her on payroll!

Tara & I took Callie & Jack shopping at WalMart after dinner & met up with my mom. She took the kids to look at some books while I ran down the Easter candy aisle.

Ellie's got a little bit of reflux so I've been washing a teeny load of her stuff every night! I asked our pediatrician about it & he wasn't too concerned - he said she'll grow out of it. I read some stuff about it & learned most babies grow out of it by 6 mos! 6 months! I hope not!

Mid-feeding diaper change just before midnight! She usually falls asleep after nursing for just a few minutes & a diaper change is about the only thing to wake her up!

4 talk to me:

Chelsea said...

backdating doesn't fool anyone! lol.

Ellie's so cute. And Callie saying "look what I can do" reminds me of Stuart from Mad Tv.

I have a cute nephew & nieces.

Evonne said...

Yay for pictures of Ellie! I love her!

My favorite thing is Jeremiah's Rx "This Medicine May be Taken w/ or w/out Food" Doesn't that kind of go w/ out saying? :) I don't know why that made me laugh so hard...

Cute blog idea - I may need to copy!

tara said...

I didn't drop Jack! He wanted out of the swing so I slowed down and tossed him out. It's not my fault he didn't land on his feet. Maybe you should check his juice cup, he seemed a little tipsy before hand anyways.

Aunt Lorie said...

Oh my gosh! I just laughed so hard I cried! The egg stories were HILLarious! (get it? :) This makes me even more sad that we're not coming this weekend. Annie cried when we decided Monday night that we weren't coming. She is mostly sad because she wanted to play with Callie & Jack and hold baby Ellie. Thanks for the adorable pictures! They will make her feel so much better! PS: I love your glasses, and you look great!