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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

It's one of my most favorite days of the year! Hooray!

Yesterday afternoon the kids & I (mostly I) had a carving extravaganza! Here's the snack we had after our hard work (it's Jell-O inside):

And here's our hard work:

Really, this picture was about the only time Callie put her hand in the pumpkin or touched anything pumpkin-related. She hid under the table for a while because she thought the pumpkins didn't smell so bad if she was under there, and she thought the insides were gross!

Jack would do a scoop, get down off the chair, walk his 2 seeds to the trash, stand there for a few minutes trying to get the seeds off the scoop, then come up to do another scoop. This went on for a few minutes!

The results (aren't my children amazingly talented?!):

Okay, so aside from doing a few scoops, they did pick out the patterns! Great little helpers!

I prepped a 4th to carve & have the punches & mallett to let the kids do it, but we ran out of time yesterday so I'll let them do it today.

We went to a ward party last night - a chili cook-off & trunk-or-treat. Jack was NOT happy about having make-up done this time (he'd cried most of it off by the time I was done - I'm not bothering with it tonight) and we couldn't find Callie's stinkin' shoes for like 30 minutes so we were pretty late! I was afraid we'd missed the food since we were so late, so I had hot dogs in the microwave & I called my mom (who is in my ward & was already there [oh, & Jeremiah was on his way back to Kingman from some business meetings out of town so I was trying to get everything together myself]) & she said they had hot dogs there so I got the hot dogs out of the microwave & stuck them back in the fridge & got the kids in the car. Of course by the time we got there a few minutes later the hot dogs were gone! I tried to get the kids to eat some chili but all they could talk about was the trunk-or-treating that was about to start! They had a great time & are very excited about all the candy they got & Callie can't wait to go out tonight! For the record, I did feed them dinner when we got home - at like 8:15!!! Oh well. And they started on the candy early this morning! They both had a sucker in one hand and their fork in the other when we sat down to have omelettes for breakfast!

And now that Callie's done with her breakfast she's hitting me up for more candy. I told her no & she said, "remember what we talked about saying no?" LOL!

6 talk to me:

Evonne said...

Those pumpkins are amazing! Mine always turn out looking to cheesy...where did you get the templates?

Chelsea said...

so cute, hill! you always have the best looking pumpkins...i don't have the patience for patterns.

and yes, those oranges are too cute for words. I can't pick a favorite!

Callie looks like a raggamuffin! her morning look is definitely bedhead :) they're both so flippin cute.

Chelsea said...

one more comment for those pumpkins...snow white is my favorite. They are AWESOME!

shannon said...

yeah, those templates turned out amazing, love the pumpkins. and hilarious that she's got a sucker in her hand for breakkie...my kinda girl!

Chelsea said...

PPS - I tagged you.

Janelle said...

HOw did you make the oranges, and how did you get your pumpkins to look so good, I mean the details were great. In our family we only know how to make the typical toothy smiley pumpkins. I love the omelets and suckers for breakfast.